Catching Up With Monster Energy’s Off-Road Motorcycle Racing Legend Johnny Campbell

CARLSBAD, Calif., (Feb. 8, 2007) – Good luck chasing Monster Energy’s Johnny Campbell down, unless you’re his sponsor – then he’s gotta pull over and stop.

Monster Energy caught up with the nine-time Baja 1000 race champion as he gets set to embark on another storied off-road racing season, film a movie video and get involved with a ton of other stuff that has this guy up early and running ‘er wide open all day long.

Campbell’s new movie entitled “True Champion” will chronicle his amazing career with all sorts of cool stock footage and material from the 2007 competition season – slated to be completed in early 2008. An interview-driven documentary of the story of Johnny’s life and career told thru his peers, friends, competitors and moto industry personalities, the film will be narrated by fellow off-road racer and popular X Games announcer Cameron Steele.

Since getting dialed in with Monster Energy, Campbell has been on a whirlwind training, traveling, filming and winning big races, like the prestigious 24 Hours of Glen Helen and the SCORE Off-Road Series’ No. 1 plate. Monster Energy caught up with Campbell just long enough to ask a few questions. When we looked up to say “Good-bye,” all we saw was a trail of dust. The dude’s fast.

Monster Energy: How are things going with the movie?
Johnny Campbell: “Great! It’s a long process and I am enjoying it. There are still lots of interviews to do and I am looking forward to seeing the footage when it’s all said and done.”

Monster Energy: What are you focusing on now?
Campbell: “Well right now I need to unpack we just finished the Dirt Rider 24hr endurance test recently.”

Monster Energy: How cool was that?
Campbell: “The Bikes ran great no problems; we had lots of Monster Energy on hand to keep us going thru the night.”

Monster Energy: What’s on deck?
Campbell: “I’ll be heading to Laughlin to do some testing for the Best in the Desert Laughlin Hare scramble. Then it’s the WORCS race in Adelanto at Racetown 395.”

Monster Energy: Has your team recovered yet from the ’06 Baja 1000!
Campbell: “You’ll have to buy the movie to see the full story, but basically we had a rider go down hard due to a booby trap set by some locals. We chased them away with the helicopter. Then we had a rider break his arm it was one thing after another but that’s Baja no one beats Baja, Baja let’s you win.”

Monster Energy: What about the Baja 1000 for 2007?
Campbell: “Let’s just say I am looking forward to this one.REALLY looking forward to this one.”

Monster Energy: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.
Campbell: “Any time. Monster Energy rules!”

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