In case you hadn’t heard, former TransWorld Motocross FMX Ride of the Year, part -time rapper and full-time moto head Nate Adams is racing Supercross in 2009! We caught up with the multi-time X Games Champion inside the Boost Mobile/am/pm/Monster Energy/Troy Racing semi, where he is pitted alongside Jason Lawrence and Nick Wey.

Mr. Supercross! How are you feeling about your Supercross debut tomorrow night?

I am just ready to go out there and ride. I've been preparing for about six weeks, and I don't really know what to expect. Everybody keeps asking me if I'm ready, and I keep telling them that I have no idea. I hope I'm ready. I've been training and practicing my butt off. I've also been working with Jay Whipple, who is my riding coach and has been helping me out a ton. I am just excited for this whole experience, really. I've wanted to do this since I was a little boy; I need to do it now since I'm not getting any younger.

Will you be pitting out of the Troy rig?

Yeah. I'll be pitting out of the Boost Mobile/AM/PM/Monster Energy/ Troy Racing semi. They've been helping me out with motors and parts. I'll be joining [Jason] Lawrence and [Nick] Wey.

You've been practicing a lot with other riders, so where do you see yourself fitting in with everybody else?
A lot of my friends that I ride Supercross with are top guys, so when I ride with them I feel as though I am way off the pace. When I ride with Lawrence or [Justin] Brayton they're flying (laughs). I will ride around with some of the privateer guys and do battle with them, so I am kind of on pace for a night show. I think it'll be close, however. My main goal is to just make the night show.

I see you're wearing One Industries gear.

I am. Thor released me in the fall, and I just got this gear deal about four days ago. I am pretty pumped on that. It's a good switch. I was with Thor and Parts Unlimited for nine years, so I've switched over to One Industries gear. They seem really happy and are a great group of guys. I've been running their graphics for years, so this is a good switch. It's fun to wear something different. The gear feels good and different, so it gives me a little added motivation.

What are your personal goals and expectations?
My personal goal is to make the night show and get through all of this in one piece. If I do qualify into the main event, I want to get a good start and have fun.