Catching Up With… Nate Adams

            Nowadays in the ever-evolving world of freestyle motocross one name that is nearly synonymous with winning is Nate Adams. Over the years, he has enjoyed numerous championships with the most recent coming at this year's Navy Moto-X World Championships in both FMX and Speed and Style. Fast forward a few months later, though, and this year's X Games in Los Angeles didn't go well, as a crash during Speed and Style practice forced him to sit out that event as well as FMX. Now, with the rest of the year full of demos and contests ahead of him, Adams is looking to redeem himself. He also has some plans for Supercross in 2009. We caught up with him at his Temecula home shortly after X Games…

Adams has everything he needs at his house.

We're here at your house and you've had some time to reflect on X Games, how was it for you?

It was really disappointing. Since then, I've just been healing up. I tore a couple ligaments in my ankle, pulled my groin, and made my back swell up, so I've just kind of been mending for about a week or week and a half, and today is my first day back riding. I've just been laying low and pretty much just been thinking about what happened at X Games. This year I've just put in a lot of time and I really wanted to do well, but it's just a bummer that the motor seized. I've never had a major malfunction on my Yamaha like that in almost five years, so it's alright. It just happened at a bad time.

What exactly happened when you crashed?

We had Speed and Style practice on Thursday and then none on Friday. Then on Saturday, we only had one parade lap for practice and then we went straight into racing. I was down there ready to go, had my head in the game, they dropped the gate to let us do the sight lap, and I did a practice start. I then headed around the first corner, hit the rhythm section, and two jumps in my motor locked up and I endoed. It was pretty crazy, because I've never had a day end like that. It was just a bummer. I hit my head and was really sore, so I couldn't ride the speed and style. I tried to ride Freestyle, but I did about half a run and just fell apart—I was too sore. I was trying to be a tough guy, trying to make it happen, but I'm not tough enough apparently (laughs).

You've gotten pretty quick at riding Supercross. What's it like for you?

I love it. It's just another something to do on my bike. It's challenging, it's technical, and you have to be smooth—I like all that. I'm not necessarily a hang-it-out-type rider, I like to be tech and in control so I really enjoy riding Supercross tracks. I really want to try to make a night show in Supercross and that's really what got me started in Supercross. Right after I started riding the tracks a lot, they brought out the Speed and Style event (at Moto-X), so it kind of worked out great for me—it looked like I was practicing really hard for it.

So what's next for you?

I have some demos back in Minneapolis for Target and that will be fun. About a week after that, there's the next Dew Tour in Salt Lake, and I'm really looking forward to that. I really want to redeem myself and get a win. I just want to have fun and get back into it. Hopefully my luck will change.

Are you going to keep up with riding Supercross and maybe we'll see you at Anaheim I next January?

Yeah, I'm going to try. My main concern right now, though, is just getting a (pro) license—Jimmy Button (my agent) is on that right now. I was really hoping that since I won the Moto-X World Championships in the Speed and Style event that I could do well, if not win, in the same event at X Games to kind of help me get my license, but that didn't happen. I have Jimmy Button on that, though, and I might do some local pro races in the fall to try to get my license. That is kind of what it's all riding on. If I can get my license, then I'll be at A1. But if not, I'll be in the DC or Monster suite chilling with a hot dog and a couple coldies (laughs).