Nathan Ramsey phoned the TransWorld Motocross offices this morning, wondering if we knew of any motocross industry jobs that were available. We were shocked that the former Western Region 125cc Supercross Champion is actually considering retiring from professional racing, but it seems that the caliber of the offers he’s been getting for the 2009 race season are not worth the risks involved. Though Ramsey does have a couple “long shot” offers on the table, it really does seem like he’s ready to settle into a non-racing position, somewhere within the motocross industry. Interested, or have a lead for Ramsey? You can drop him an e-mail at

What are your plans for the 2009 season and beyond?
I got a bit of a late start, so I've been looking for a job come '09. I've been down the road with everybody, and I do have a couple of long shot offers out there, but it's not looking too good. I've been doing this for a long time and even though I still feel like I want to race, I'm not willing to do it for free or for as low as the industry has to offer me. I've turned down a few offers because the money was just not there. I put in a lot of time, work, and effort when I'm riding and training, so I am not going to put in all of this effort to be paid dirt cheap. If you're a professional athlete like we are, the chance for injury is great and the pay that some of these teams are trying to offer me isn't even enough to cover my family if I were to get hurt. Even though I have the desire to race, it has put me into a position where I may need to close this chapter of my life and begin a new one. I would have no problem working in the industry because that's what I know and love.

You have a wife and two great kids, so you really do need to look at things differently compared to a Lites class kid who does not have a family to take care of or a mortgage to pay…
Yeah. When I go out there, I not only need to think about myself, but also my family. People will probably read this and think that my lifestyle is way above what the average would be, but the truth is I know how this goes and I've tried to be smart about things over the last three years or so. I've worked hard for the money that I've put away and the investments that I have, and I know that I will need to look at retirement in the real world when I get a little bit older. All of these things I've saved and accumulated need to be saved for the day when I do decide to retire.

When I stopped by your house a few weeks ago, we were both under the impression that you were going to be a part of the L&M team once again. When did that go south for you?
That whole thing was a weird deal. I'm a little confused about it myself. When I got hurt at the Seattle Supercross is when things seemed to get a little bit strange on the team. There were times when I couldn't get a hold Larry (Brooks) and stuff like that. It basically got to a point where there was no communication, and I was alienated and left out in the cold. I was never told if I did or didn't have a job until everybody else found out via the Internet who the team signed for the '09 season. However, I do want to say that I'm not here to talk bad on anybody, and I had a long career. I hate having bad feelings out there, but I definitely do not feel like I was treated right and at least they could've told me that it was over, you know?

Looking back on your career, what are a few of your favorite memories?
I started riding dirt bikes later than a majority of my peers did, so I had to play catch up and work really hard to be where I am today. Obviously my first win at the Phoenix Supercross when I was with Pro Circuit was a big memory. After that is when things started to snow ball and I won the championship. That was awesome. Some of the Las Vegas shootout wins I have are also some great memories. Also, when I won the Michigan Supercross race in the premier class… I have tons and tons of memories. The relationships and people that I've gotten to know over the years have made it all worthwhile. I've been blessed to be a part of it.

Like most riders, I am sure you want to stay involved in motocross. Are you open to other types of jobs within the industry?
I turned pro in '93, so I've been in this sport for 16 years now and I have a strong connection within the industry. This is the sport that I love, you know? I am definitely open to the idea of jobs within the industry or whatever may be out there. I am open for new things and eager to find out what may be next for me. Like I mentioned, I still have a couple of long shot offers to continue my racing career, but if that doesn't happen then I am ready to move on and say thanks to the riding career I had and move on the next chapter in my life.

I hope that some of your long shots come through because I don't think any of us want to see you retire just yet.
Thank you! Thanks for putting this out there and seeing what will happen. I have no idea what's going to happen, but I am ready to take on whatever challenges do come my way. If it's not racing then I am ready to start learning (laughs).