Catching Up With Roger DeCoster: MXoN Friday

Team USA rider Tim Ferry took on an unfamiliar role this afternoon in England, as he quizzed Team Manager Roger DeCoster about his history with the Motocross of Nations on Friday afternoon…

FERRY: Tim Ferry here with Roger DeCoster. Roger, how many years have you been leading the USA Motocross of Nations team?
DECOSTER: I started back in 1981. I was team manager at Team Honda at the time, and that was the very first time that the team from the United States ever won.
FERRY: Awesome! Now who is the winningest team when it comes to the MXoN?
DECOSTER: The USA, with 18 wins! (Laughs)
FERRY: That's great! Man, the pressure is on. We've gotta do everything to keep that streak alive! So Roger, tell me how many languages do you speak?
DECOSTER: (laughs) Well I do not speak anything perfectly, but I can speak English, French, Dutch and a little bit of German.
FERRY: That's really impressive! So how hard is managing Team USA, but having two of your Team Suzuki riders competing forother countries' teams?
DECOSTER: (Laughs) It is a little bit weird, you know? (Laughs) Chad Reed and Michael Byrne are here with Suzuki backing, racing for Team Australia. You hope that they do well and get on the podium also, but at the same time I want them to finish one step below us! (laughs)