Catching Up With Ryan Mills

After a brief stint challenging the MX1 World Championships in Europe, Ryan Mills is back home here in the states, and competing in the AMA Nationals again. We caught up with Mills at Southwick to get the skinny on what happened in Europe…

TWMX: So you’re here at Southwick on a stock-looking Kawasaki KX450F after starting the year off racing the MX1 World Championships. What happened?

RYAN MILLS: You know, just some bad things went down. The team was good and the bike was good but there were some things that weren’t happening that were promised to me by the team and by my agent, and I thought it was just best to pack my bags and come home. So here I am in the States with a Kawasaki. Pro Circuit is helping me out, Gary Price at Autostyles and Callaway Kawasaki are helping me out, and I just came here to race on my practice bike and see what happens. Next week I will have my race bike and it will be back to business, for sure.

So you were just chillin’ at home in New York and decided to race Southwick?

Yeah this is one of my home tracks. I only love about an hour away and I figured that there was no better race to make my AMA comeback at. I have raced here a lot and I know my way around the sand. I’ve got a couple weeks to try and race back East here, and then I will head West to Colorado and Washougal and see how I do. I hope to get some top 10s and then maybe get some help for next year. I am glad to be home from Europe and for now I will just stay back East. I still have my house in California, but for now it is easier and cheaper for me to be back here. I just drove up here with my pick up truck and no mechanic, and I had some help from Pro Circuit dialing some stuff in.

How hard was it for you to slap a program together so last minute?

Surprisingly, not that hard. I have a lot of good people helping me out. I have been home for three weeks exactly, and I spent the first two weeks in California getting stuff organized. Pro Circuit built my race bike and shipped it on Monday, but the truck it was on broke down and that is why I am on my practice bike.

You were impressive in the first moto with an eighth, but it seemed like you had problems in moto two…

Yeah, I felt great in moto one. I knew I could be in the top 10 because I was 16th fastest in practice and I never really got a clear shot at the track to post a fast time. In the second moto I was running near the top 10 again, but something went wrong with the bike. I think the fuel might have boiled or something because it started bogging and popping really badly.

Good luck the rest of the series!

Thanks, buddy. I appreciate it.