We recently ran into female amateur graduate, Sara Price, at Starwest.  The 16 year old has been training all winter long and is ready to hit the WMA Pro National Motocross series head on.  We caught up with the young Kawasaki rider during a break in her practice motos to find out what her story is and what she expects from herself in the future.

Do you mind telling us where you are from and how you got started in motocross?

I am from here in Southern California, in Canyon Lake. I'm a Cali girl.  I got started in racing through my brother who was racing with Josh Grant because he was a neighbor of ours.  Our families are very close.  So my brother started really getting into racing, and at the time I was really into horse jumping.  My parents saw my drive on a horse and thought, "Hey, let's put her on a motorcycle!"  I was totally against it at first, but once I tried it, it was over.  Since then I have just kept going.  My brother got hurt and slowly faded out.

Does your family make it to the races with you?

We own a family business so it makes it difficult for everyone to come to every race, but at least one of my parents makes it to every race.  My Dad usually flies out with me and my mom takes over the business.  My brother also works in the business so it's a nice little family things we have going to make it all work.

What brings you out to Starwest?

I am training with Nathan Ramsey and Blake Baggett; it has been going good and I'm ready for this year.

So you have officially hired on Nathan Ramsey as your trainer?

Yes, he is my trainer and we train probably three or four days a week.  Pretty much every time I ride he's there with me; all three of us together.

It looks like you have some pretty good support for this year.  Can you tell us about your ride for 2009?

I signed with Monster Energy/Team Green Kawasaki along with Pro Taper, Thor, Pro Circuit, Maxima, Dunlop, Scott USA, and Factory Backing.  Although I am racing pro, the sponsorship is through Kawsaki's amateur team.

How will you be getting to and from the races?

As of right now we will be roughing it in the motorhome.  My mechanic will be driving the motorhome while I will be flying.  We also have the X Games that comes up between the nationals.  I just turned pro this year because I am now 16, so I have done any of the women's nationals or X Games.  Last year though, I raced Loretta's and finished second.

You probably have been seeing some of your competition out at some of other tracks in Southern California.  How would you compare your speed?

It's pretty good.  I think I will definitely be up on the podium; at least that's what I'm hoping.  I have raced against (Jessica) Patterson and (Tarah) Geiger and beat them at Mini O's two years ago.  Then last year I got second behind Patterson and in front of Geiger.

Have you raced on any of the tracks that you will be competing on this summer?

Well Glen Helen is my home track and I love it there.  I have also been to Hangtown and Steel City, but that's about it.  I love deep ruts and I love the sand. I am actually really good on the rough stuff and with jumping…well not lately.  I hit a 70-foot ramp a few days ago and I overshot it by about 40 feet (laughs).  I was in the air just looking down and thinking, "Oooh, I just need to hold on!"  Once I hit the ground, my hands just feel off the grips, and my body collapsed on my bars.  Then my bike just slid out after that.  Then the next day I got into a car crash and totaled my truck (laughs)!  So it hasn't been a good week.

Well, you can only have so many things go wrong at once, so maybe things will be looking up for a while.