Catching Up With… Sara Price

For those who are unfamiliar with Sara Price, this is a good time to familiarize yourself with her name as she is the next big thing in women’s motocross. Price, who is a Southern California native, has spent a majority of her youth in the SoCal racing scene. However, in 2008, Price has won eight out of 12 races that she has entered, including Ponca City, Oak Hill, and the World Mini, just to name a few. For ’09, though, a determined Price will be competing in her first-ever professional WMA series with the likes of Ashley Fiolek, Tarah Gieger, and Jessica Patterson. How does Price foresee her rookie season will go? “I’m going in there to win,” said a confident Price. So, with out further audue, meet Sara Price…

Give us a little background on your racing career and how you got your start.

I started racing when I was eight years old at Perris Raceway. I grew up doing a series there called the Hot Summer Nights. My brother grew up racing with Josh Grant and they actually got me into it. Before that, though, I used to race horses, and I also did show jumping. From there, my brother saw my potential and my dad had always wanted to get me on a dirt bike, but during that time I wanted nothing to do with motorcycles. My dad ended up getting me a dirt bike for Christmas, however, and ever since I threw my leg over a bike I've been hooked.

Did you really race and jump horses?

Yeah! I actually went to the California State Championships for horse jumping.

How did you get into that?

I used to live in Riverside, CA, but we eventually moved down to Canyon Lake, CA. When we moved to Canyon Lake, I had a friend who rode horses, and I decided to wonder over their one day and that's how it all started. I still have a horse today.

Do you still have time to ride your horse, or is most of your time devoted to motocross and training?

These days I am souly focused on riding motocross, but during the days that I don't ride my dirt bike, I'll ride my horse.

Photo by Baird

When can we expect to see you line up for your first professional WMA National?

That will be on May 23rd at Glen Helen Raceway! I am pretty excited!

What are you hoping to accomplish in your first professional WMA season?

Obviously my goal is to go out there and win. However, I definitely want to be on the box every weekend and be one of the top women. I am not going out there to be a top five or top 10 girl… I am going into the season with the intentions of winning.

As far as training is concerned, what are you doing to prepare yourself for the season?

Right now I spend five days a week at the track training with Alan Georke. I also have a personal trainer for the gym when I go there, too. I spend every day training and preparing myself. I want to better myself all of the time and never settle.

Photo by Baird

Who do you consider to be your biggest threat in '09?

Oh definitely Ashley Fiolek and Jessica Patterson…and Tarah Gieger! All of those top women have done so much for the sport, so it'll be a really exciting season with some awesome racing.

I've had the opportunity of watching you ride out at Starwest a couple of times and you definitely have a riding style that you typically see of a guy. You have perfect form on the bike as well as a very aggressive riding style, whereas most girls do not have that style.

I definitely hear that from a lot of people (laughs). Growing up I've always been know for my attitude, and it's not that I have a bad attitude, because I do have an awesome attitude; I just have a very edgy personality that is kind of aggressive, you know? I think that carries on over to my riding, and I really hate to be second best. With that said, it drives me to push myself and I am constantly pushing myself. Since I've grown up like that, I think it simply translates into my riding style and the way I sit on the bike.

Photo by Baird

Therefore we'll see a lot of elbows flying and aggressive riding coming from you next year?

Oh you better believe it! I am not afraid, but I do know that I'll have a hard time staying up top. Hopefully, though, I'll be on the box.

Will you be rejoining Team Green Kawasaki in 2009?

Yeah! I actually just signed my contract. I'll be with Monster Energy Kawasaki/Team Green.

Aside from wanting to win the WMA championship in 2009, what are some of your other goals and ambitions?

I will be doing X Games next year, but my big goal that I am going to be working on for the next two to three years is trying to qualify for a main event is Supercross. I am really good technical rider, and I feel like Supercross would definitely suit my style.

Photo by Baird

Have you had any opportunities to ride Supercross?

I haven't had any real opportunities, but I have hopped on a Supercross track in the past. I ended up doing all of the jumps, but my mechanic had to pull me off the track because my bike wasn't setup for Supercross (laughs). I had a blast, though; and I can't wait for my opportunity to ride/race Supercross!