Catching up with Stephane Roncada

Stephane Roncada has had flashes of greatness in 2002. His supercross season this year was like a roller coaster ride. Although the former 125cc Supercross champion ended up fifth, in the 2002 EA Sports SX series, Ron Ron had the potential to be in the top three consistently. An altercation at the Atlanta round with fellow Frenchman, David Vuillemin, has also left Ron Ron with one less friend in the motocross world. We rang Ron Ron up at his home in Menifee, California to see how life is for the newlywed professional motocross racer. In between doing motos in the blistering heat of Southern California, this is what we talked about.

TransWorld Motocross: Have you patched things up with David Vuillemin, after what happened earlier in the year at the Atlanta SX?

Stephane Roncada: No, I don’t talk to him anymore. I will talk to him again, when he comes to me, and tells me he is sorry for what he did first. Until he does that, I don’t know why I should talk to him.

TWMX: Haven’t you been friends for a long time?

SR: Yeah, we used to be pretty tight. We have known each other for 15 years. We grew up racing each other.

TWMX: Had anything happened prior to the incident in Atlanta, that would cause your friendship to go sour?

SR: No. We were good friends up until that point. He started acting weird after the second Anaheim SX race though. I think it was because I did not let him by when he thought he could pass me. I think it probably escalated from there. I don’t know what got into him. Maybe the pressure from being the point’s leader for the first part of the series, got to him.

TWMX: Can you tell us anything about what kind of bike you will be riding next year?

SR: The only thing I can say, is I am in negotiations with Kawasaki at this time.

TWMX: Alrighty then. Can you tell us what will happen to you friend, and mechanic Dan Worley?

SR: Wherever I go, Dan will go with me. He is one of the best guys around.

TWMX: You seem to have spurts of great riding and then we see you mid-pack. Why aren’t you more consistent?

SR: I think the first thing I need to do is get rid of the health problems that have been ailing me this year. I want to be back to 100 percent. I have had so many heath problems, it’s hard to be consistent when your body won’t let you. We didn’t really know what it was that was making me sick. We have recently found a lot of information, about what has been making me sick. Now, we can work around it and try to get me back where I need to be. Now that we know what it is, we can make sure it won’t happen again.

TWMX: What was making you sick? Did you have the same thing that Travis Pastrana had?

SR: No, no, no! Pastrana is having every sickness he can possibly have. If I were that sick, I would have died already! Travis and I were not in the best of health this year that is for sure.

TWMX: How long have you and your wife Chloe, been married now?

SR: It’s been almost a year. I love being married!

TWMX: Do you think you’ll have kids in the future?

SR: Yes, we want to have kids, but we do not know when it is going to happen. I think we both want it to be sooner than later.

TWMX: Do you have any heroes?

SR: Nope. I don’t really look up to any one.

TWMX: Then, who would you say influenced your life the most growing up?

SR: I think when I was growing up, my hero was Jean-Michel Bayle. He influenced me a lot. He came to America, and did what he set out to do. I have kind of grown up myself, so I don’t have any heroes. I don’t get influenced by anybody, anymore.

TWMX: Do you have goals that you want to achieve for the rest of the season?

SR: I want to get back to the shape I was in at Glen Helen. I had the speed there, but not the stamina, because I was really sick. My goal is to pick it up for the next six races, and get some good results.

TWMX: Do you think that anybody will be able to beat Carmichael this year?

SR: Everybody is beatable. There are still six races left. That’s 12 motos, and a lot of stuff can happen in 12 motos. We will see.