Catching up with Steve Lamson

Steve Lamson is back racing after a badly broken leg. Steve suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula. These are the two bones in the lower part of the leg. His injury was sustained at the second round of the EA Sports Supercross series in San Diego. Steve says it’s the worst injury he has ever had. Although Steve’s peak years were in the mid 1990’s, he has never been one to give up. The Husqvarna racer is exited about getting back racing and returning to action.

At 31 years of age “Lammy” has quite an accomplished résumé. Steve has won the AMA 125cc National Championship in 1995 and in 1996. In 1996 Steve had a winning streak, winning seven races in a row while riding for Team Honda. That year, he also won nine of thirteen races! Steve has also been selected to be on the US Motocross des Nations team several times, and in 1996 was on the winning team. We talked to Steve just before his first race back at Glen Helen.


TransWorld Motocross: It has been four months since the crash in San Diego. How was the time off?

Steve Lamson: It wasn’t that fun. I didn’t want to be off. I wanted to be racing those Supercross events, but unfortunately I was unable to. I’ve just been trying to heal up and get ready for the outdoor Nationals.

TWMX: What exactly did you do to your leg?

SL: I had a compound fracture of my tibia and fibula. They had to put a rod in one of the bones to help support it. The amount of pressure you put on your legs is amazing.

TWMX: Is that a hard injury to come back from?

SL: Yes. To tell you the truth, it has been one of the worst injuries I have had to come back from. The compound fracture did a lot of nerve damage within my leg. Even right now, I am not even close to being healed. It is really hurting me to ride this early, but I want to get back out there and try to salvage some points today. I just want to get through Glen Helen and use it as a foundation for the rest of the summer.

TWMX: Did you do any strength training or anything else while you were off to keep your fitness level up?

SL: I just did a little bit of weights during the down time. I really could not do too much because of the nature of the injury. Cardio wise, I could not do too much. Every time I tried to do something, my leg would swell up big time. I started riding about two weeks ago and I have been trying to put a lot of time on my bike. I have also been trying to do some cycling, but my leg gets so swollen after I ride, I can’t even do much of that. I had an x-ray last Monday. My leg is not totally healed. If I did not have that rod in there, I would be really screwed.

TWMX: You are the spotlight rider for Husky. What do you think the mood was around the team while you were out?

SL: I think they were kind of struggling with their guys not having the best results. I think that they were getting bummed out. It’s so good to be back! Now we can get the ball rolling again.

TWMX: How did you feel when your team hired Tyler Evans after your injury?

SL: Once I got hurt they pursued Tyler right away. The team needed a rider in the 250cc class and Tyler was available. I don’t really know him that well or talk to him too much, but we get along. As far as I know, we will be racing out of the same truck for the rest of the year.

TWMX: Being injured, how were you able to test your bike for the Nationals?

SL: We have only been able to test for a little over a week because I just started riding again. We have been able to hammer a lot of stuff out though, and the bike feels good. I’m worried more about myself for these first few races than I am the bike. I just want to ride smart. I am getting more comfortable as I ride, but it is a little difficult having Glen Helen as your first race back. It’s pretty rough out there! I don’t like it, but I want to race. I thought about making Hangtown my first race back, but I want to get back in the groove as fast as I can. I am pushing coming back this earrly for sure, but I think I will be able to get through the two motos. The guys at Husky are 100% in back of me. That makes me feel good.

TWMX: What are the goals you have set for yourself and the Nationals this year?

SL: Right now, I just want to be in the top ten and stay consistent. Once the season gets rolling I think I will be able to raise my speed and pick up the pace from there. The 250cc class is definitely thinner as far as how many guys can run up front. Eventually, I think I can be in the top ten and break into the top five some of the time.