Not only is the men's outdoor motocross series just around the corner, but the women will be opening up their 2012 outdoor motocross season in a few short weeks as well. With much of the same competition as last year, we caught up with Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull's Tarah Geiger while she was getting back in race shape and preparing for her run at the WMA title.

Tarah will be sporting the number three again this year and riding for the Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs/Honda team.

What have you been up to lately?
For the past couple of months, I've just been getting back into training and working really hard for this upcoming season. I've been out in California for the past week and a half and have just been getting some stuff done with my mechanic and testing with the team.

What did you do during the off-season? Have you been keeping yourself busy?
I had a blast during the off-season and really took advantage of the time off. I did a Supercross race in Geneva with some other girls and that was a lot of fun. I did some snowboarding, went back to Puerto Rico to do some surfing, and I've just been hanging out with the Nitro Circus crew really having a blast.

What's it like hanging out with the Nitro Circus crew?
It's always entertaining—that's for sure. It's funny because when you're with them you're always doing stuff 24-7, and when everybody leaves, you kind of go into a depression. There's no interaction with anyone, so you just have to continue to keep yourself busy. Those guys are crazy, though, and always down for a good time.

What's the craziest thing you did while hanging out with them? Can you even talk about it?
I probably wouldn't be able to say [laughs]. No, but I went to Chicago for the Big Buck Hunter tournament and went down to Panama and did the Nitro Olympics—that was a lot of fun. Those were probably the craziest things. We just went to a lot of crazy events; it was mayhem really.

Tarah is hoping to get some wins this year. (Photo by Steve Emter)

Going into this season, do you have any set goals for yourself?
For this season, I want to do better than third place. At the end of the year last year, I started to get into it a lot better, so I'm hoping to just keep that momentum going from the last few races last year and just keep improving throughout this season. I'm hoping I can start to get some wins.

What are some of your thoughts on the competition?
I actually rode with [Jessica] Patterson a little bit the other day and she's riding really good on that Suzuki. I think it suits her pretty well. She was the quickest one last year, but she just had some bad luck. Ashley always steps it up in the races. It's the same competition, so it's more of the same as last year, really.