Catching up with the Cobra

Isn’t it funny how time changes everything? Last year, David Vuillemin was a heavy favorite entering the 2001 Supercross season, but he struggled to find his form all season long. As a matter of fact, DV was spotted in tears in the Yamaha pits shortly after his poor performance at last year’s Anaheim season opener. This year, not much of the pre-season hype centered around the Cobra at all. And guess what? Vuillemin has spanked the field at the first two rounds and sits pretty atop a perfect 50 points. Here’s what DV had to say after his San Diego win.


TWMX: Congratulations, David! Why do you think you’re doing so well?

David: What’s good this year is that I am healthy. No busted ribs, no broken collarbone, no nothing! I am finally healthy and that is great. I just want to keep the momentum. I don’t want to take any risks and get hurt like I did last year. I gained a lot of experience the last few years.

TWMX: Last week you did not have to ride to your potential. After six laps you had it on cruise control. This week you had to charge for twenty laps because you had Travis Pastrana on your tail?

David: I had to charge this week, but at Anaheim I just cruised until the end. I was controlling Mike for second place. Today, Travis was on fire so I had to charge and get away as fast as I could. I lost a little bit of time when we ran into lappers. As always, the first place rider moves them over, so the second place rider gets around faster. That’s why Travis got close at the end. I feel like I can manage the race in any condition.

TWMX: Are you excited about your two wins?

David: I’m not too excited about those wins. I need to do more work.

TWMX: It has to make you confident. What do you think?

David: Yeah, but you know this weekend in the heat race I got fifth. That was not good! I had to race the semi and I was tight on the gate. I had to race six laps more than the other guys and I felt pressure to get a start from the outside in the main event. It worked out all right, though. Still, I’m not that excited about two wins. To get excited would be premature, I think. TWMX: Did you expect to do this well so early in the season?

David: I’m very happy to win the first two races. I expected to be on the podium both times, but the win feels great. To win is great for the team, for myself and for my trainer. I’m going to keep working and try to stay on the podium. It would be good to be consistent like that.

TWMX: So what has changed in your life recently?

David: My life is a lot quieter now. I got engaged to my girlfriend Erica. I work with a new trainer, Jackie Vimond that was part of the deal with me signing with Oxbow. We are all working towards the same goal and I have a good feeling about the rest of the season!