Catching Up With Tim Ferry: Friday MXoN

It's hard to function when you haven't slept for over 36 hours. That said, I recruited Fox Racing's Chris "Beeker" Onstott to pick Tim Ferry's mind on Friday afternoon, just before the Team Introduction Ceremonies at the Motocross of Nations. Thanks, Beek!

BEEKER: Here we are at Donnington Park in England. How was your trip over here from Florida, Tim?
FERRY: It was good! I had a straight flight all the way here and it was good. I am really tired though. I almost fell asleep about 10 times while I was driving here in the rental car, though. (Laughs)

BEEKER: Driving the rental car! How is that?
FERRY: It's good. Driving on the wrong side of the road is fun. It's a little stressful for the passenger, though. Sitting in the front seat when you feel like you should be driving. I keep running into the oncoming traffic and I keep running over the little dots on the road because it's so different on the right side.

BEEKER: So yesterday you walked the track. Tell us what you think of the Donnington Park track.
FERRY: I really like the track. It looks fun. It's actually the widest track I have ever seen. It has a couple really big jumps that are safe and fun looking. It is a hundred times better than the Zolder track when I was here in 1993.

BEEKER: Who gives better interview, me or Steve Matthes?
FERRY: That's a tough one. (Pauses) But you know what? I am gonna have to go with Matthes, because you still seem a little green at this. (Laughs)

BEEKER: Okay. Last question. I was reading an interview on line somewhere where you were talking about the Motocross of Nations in Belgium, and you said that I gave you vented gear for a race that was like 30 degrees. (Laughs) Now, I don't wanna go throwing my old company that I used to work for under the bus, but man: that was all them, not me! That said, I would like to hear a public apology to me, for that comment.
FERRY: Well, that will probably never happen. (Laughs) I knew it wasn't your fault, but I felt comfortable enough to yell at you about that. So you took the heat for Bob Maynard and Jim Gallagher on that one. (Laughs)