Tommy Hahn was one of the many riders to have his Supercross season ended by injury. Hahn was fortunate enough to have the broken leg come early in the season, which allowed the privateer ample time to heal. While on the mend, rumors began to circulate that he would be called up by Team Honda Muscle Milk to take Trey Canard’s spot for the summer, and after weeks of speculation, they proved true.

After your injury early in the Supercross, how did you spend the down time?

Just healing, trying to get back to 100 percent, getting my body in shape, and then hanging out. That was all I did. I had fun, visited friends, and caught up on things I don't get to do when I am riding. I made the most of it so I could get back as strong and as fast as possible, then started riding eight weeks after breaking my leg. I feel good riding, like I did everything right.

Was it a hard injury to overcome or was it a clean break?

It was a pretty clean fracture, but the surgery sucked. It was definitely the worst surgery I have had. But as far as the actual injury and how it felt, I didn't even know it was broken when it first happened. It wasn't too bad pain wise, but the first few days after the surgery was pretty bad. But that is just the way it goes.

You were a privateer at the beginning of the season. Were you going to be on the same program for the Nationals as well?

Yeah, I was going to be a privateer for the Nationals. This (the factory Honda ride) is a blessing because I wasn't sure I would have been able to make every single race on my own. I'm stoked this came about with the Muscle Milk Honda team, and now I can just do what I love, which is riding my dirt bike.

How long had you and the team been in talks before the deal became official?

We talked for a few weeks, and honestly it had been rumored before I had even gotten a call. I know there were a couple of people reporting long before it happened, and I had people congratulating me a few weeks before I got the call. There were a lot of rumors about it, but I acted like I was doing my own deal until I heard from them that they wanted me to fly out and ride for them. I just continued doing my own deal and this ended up coming about luckily. One day they just called me and told me to come out and ride the bike.

How much different is this bike from the one you were racing earlier in the year?

The one I was riding was really good, but this is a factory bike and you can't compare. It is a little different. It is an awesome bike and everything feels super tight on it, and it is really fast. What more do you want?

Do you find it funny that both you and your brother got to ride it in the same year?

Yeah, it is. It is cool that there are two brothers that are at that level and get to ride a bike like that. Wil thought it was scary fast. I don't think it is that bad, but it is fast. We both liked it and enjoyed that we both got to ride.

What were your expectations for the year, and did going to the factory team change them at all?

No, it didn't change at all. It all came down to that I hadn't raced since Unadilla last year except for once, so I need to get the seat time and keep it in the top 10 for now while I get better. If I'm not fighting for podiums by the end of the season, I'll be disappointed. That is my goal by midway to the end of the year, but right now I am just trying to feel everybody out and get my feet wet in racing.