Catching Up With… Travis Preston

TransWorld Motocross ran into our former guest columnist Travis Preston yesterday at the KTM Supercross track. Presto was getting some seat time in after spending six weeks healing up from a broken hand, suffered in a freak crash in the test track whoops. Once again, Preston denied us permission to video him, but we managed to corner him for a quick Q and A…

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What exactly did you hurt on that infamous day when we last saw you?

I ended up breaking a bone at the top of my hand when I crashed in the whoops.

Were you in a cast or did they operate?

Yeah. I only had a cast. It was a weird break, so they couldn't do surgery. I simply had to wait six weeks, and now I am back out here.

Are you really blaming that crash on my video camera?

Uh… No. That sort of thing just happens, you know? It's dirt bikes and things break. (Laughs)

What'd you do while you were hurt?

I got to mountain bike a lot. I ended up becoming very good at mountain biking with only one hand. Since that was the only thing I could, I just rode my bicycle a lot.

You've been back on the bike for two weeks now, correct?

Yeah. However, we've had so much rain and snow that we haven't been riding too much Supercross (laughs).

Including today, how many days on a Supercross track do you have under your belt?

Including today I would probably say that I have about five days of riding in on a Supercross track.

How are things coming a long?

I feel pretty good. Every time I ride I become more comfortable.

What's your goal for Anaheim 1?

I just want to do better than I did last year. That's it. Last year I got a second place start in my heat race and barely qualified, and I struggled in the main event (laughs). I had 10 laps in me, and I just rolled around the rest of the time.

Inspite of the injury, do you feel as though you are more prepared this year compared to last year?

I think so. I’m ready.

Are you adapting to the Austrian beast?

I am, actually! If you're taller than six feet the bike is great! I feel very comfortable on it.

How 'bout the Jagermeister? Have you tried that yet?

No. I have yet to have any Jagermeister. I am going to wait for a good, hard ride before I crack open a bottle.

Overall, what are you expecting this season?

I just want to improve each weekend. I think I over-trained a little bit last year, so I want to make sure I don't make the same mistake this year. When you're playing catch up you always do too much. I need to watch out for that.

You will be doing the outdoor Nationals, correct?

No. This is Supercross only. I feel more comfortable in the motocross series, so who know what will happen. I may show up at a couple of them.

Was a Supercross-only contract your idea or was that the offer you were given?

It was a financial thing. KTM is coming out with a completely new bike in 2010, so that's what they wanted to dump all of their money into. In 2010, however, I will be doing both Supercross and motocross.

With KTM?

Yeah. I have a multi-year deal with KTM.

What's your new year's resolution?

I think I had one of those. I was talking about that with my wife the other day, but I already forgot it (laughs).