Catching Up With Trey Canard

We spotted Eastern Regional Supercross Lites Champion Trey Canard at our local LA Fitness gym last night, working up a sweat in his velour Fox Racing track suit, so we decided to ring him up this morning to see what he was up to…

So you're in California, preparing for the 2009 Supercross series. How is testing going thus far?

Pretty good. We have my suspension pretty stiff so that I can jump really far. I am going for the world record distance jump next week, so I am pretty excited about that. I am trying to beat Trigger Gumm's record (laughs). I haven't done a lot of testing just yet because I just got back on the bike and getting used to things.

What's the weather like that you left behind in Oklahoma?

It was really nice a couple of weeks ago, but then it just turned to crap. It was so cold, and I had to wear a jacket when I was riding. The weather is definitely a lot better out here.

Are you healed up now after breaking your femur at Washougal?

Yeah. I got it x-rayed a week ago and it looks perfect. Obviously it is in the back of my mind a little bit, but it's really old news. I'll definitely be a 100% by the time Anaheim rolls around. So no more limp? Oh no! The pimp limp is gone.

Is the game plan for you to run your big number one plate on the East Coast for '09?

I am actually doing north central. No… I actually need to make that decision within the next few weeks. I am not too sure what I am going to do as of now, but once I start feeling good on the bike we'll see what happens.

So if you're feeling confident, are you going to try and sweep the West Coast Championship as well?

I'd like to ride the West Coast series. With that rule, I am going to be moving up next year, so I'd like to spend some time on the West Coast tracks in preparation for next year.

How different is the 2009 CRF250R? Have you spent much time on it?

I've only had about two weeks of Supercross riding, and it is basically the same setup that we had last year. However, we should start testing the new stuff pretty soon.

So what's new with Trey Canard? Have you been getting yourself into some good trouble?

Not really. I'm just excited that it isn't 20 degrees outside. That's my new thrill!

With your rookie season now behind you, what can people expect to see from you in '09?

A championship would be great, but I've realized if that's the only thing you race for then things don't really turn out that well for you. I just need to attack every race as if it were my last one. I am going to do the best that I can; however it goes it goes. So I guess you could say that Trey Canard is just going to give it all he has at every race.

Wow. I knew that number-one plate would get to your head eventually. You are referring to yourself in the third person, much like a NBA star…

(Laughs) Hey, you started it a couple questions ago!

So if you're not racing solely for a championship, then what else are you racing for? The fame, girls, and money?

Yeah…the money (laughs). I got a taste of what it's like to win a championship during the Supercross season and that was one of the best feelings. I've discovered that if you only focus on winning a championship and nothing else, things don't seem to work out. I just take each race one step at a time and give it my all. I don't worry about a championship until the time has come.

Are you wearing Fox gear yet, or is that not until January?

I've actually been wearing Fox for a couple of weeks.

Do you feel foxy in it?

Definitely! I feel like a white, red headed James Stewart. (Laughs)