Catching Up With Trey Canard

After exchanging a few text messages with Geico Powersports Honda rider Trey Canard today, we decided to stop the nonsense and phone him, to see how he’s doing after his horrific heat race crash with Michael Hall on Saturday night in Phoenix.


I didn't make it to the race this weekend, but when I was perusing the Internet on Saturday night, I couldn't believe that you didn't make the main event. For those who didn't see what happened on television, can you tell us what transpired?

I turbo lawn darted into the ground. I was feeling good all day, and I was really happy with the way I was riding. I just pulled a bonehead move on the very first lap of the heat race. I was trying to pass Michael Hall in the whoop section. I went down the inside and he cut over to the inside, and I was carrying a lot of speed and just went straight into him. At least that's what I think happened from watching the video.


I heard you didn't line up for the LCQ. Were you pretty banged up?

I hit my head pretty good and was pretty sore. I didn't think it was safe for me to go out there and ride.


When I texted you earlier today you said that you've been better. It sounded like you were pretty bummed out…

For sure. It's not too much fun to go racing and not line up for the main event or go out there and finish 14th in the main event. It sucks, but I guess that's part of it.


I'm sure somebody has already pointed this out to you, but Jason Lawrence did come back to win the title last year after a big point deficit at this point in the season. Is there any comfort in that fact?

He was about 30 points down, and I'm about 50 points down. It would take a miracle–I would have to win every single race and everybody else would need to make some big mistakes. If it's not going to happen it's not going to happen. Nothing that I do now is going to make anything better, so I need to concentrate on having some good races. I need to get some solid races under my belt and get things rolling.


Looking beyond results, how do you feel speed-wise against the guys on the West Coast?

I feel great! I've been on the board every time, and I feel like with the speed I have, I can run every single lap; it's not a one lap wonder thing. I need to put that all together and stay out of trouble.


Do you feel like you're making mistakes right now or is it bad luck?

The first round was definitely bad luck. Everything that happened that night was not my fault. That's just how the cards played out, but this weekend was totally my fault. Nothing against Michael Hall, I think he is a great rider, but I think I would've been around him in two corners if I'd waited and gave it some time. Even I wasn't able to move around him, it wouldn't be a big deal because it's only a heat race. I just need to learn from my mistakes.


Realistically, do you think we can see you winning some races?

I feel like I can win. It's just a matter of putting things together and being consistent.


I hate to even mention this, but has anyone given you crap for your mid-week videos on our Web site?

(Laughs) Some people have been pretty pumped on them. It's kind of a bummer people are more pumped on my video than my results, but at least there is something to be excited about, huh?


Nobody is giving you crap about them since you're having bad luck, are they?

Not really. I guess you can't change what's going on.


I heard that the fender slap made a surprise appearance at Phoenix?

It was there. I pulled it out over the finish line jump in practice and it was pretty sick.


Were there people like at Las Vegas who didn't get it or did people appreciate it?

I had like 20 people ask me to do it.


Was it the no-hander to fender slap or was it the furious fender slap?

It was the furious fender slap.


I think you may need to re-evaluate your list of tricks for X Games Best Trick, because I think the raw fury of the furious fender slap outweighs the grace and air time of the no-hander to fender slap.

Oh dude! Any day.


We were joking around the about the furious fender slap, but that will come in very handy at a mud race.

It'd be great! I already think I've learned it (laughs).