Catching Up With…Alex Martin

Alex Martin is racing at his home track this weekend aboard a Geico Powersports Honda. Once Trey’s bike, then Vicki Golden’s for a spell, the floating CRF250R has made its way into the local boy’s hands. He is hoping to make a splash aboard the factory machine, so we caught up with him after practice to see how it all came about.

Tell us how the ride came about.

It all came about when Trey Canard got injured at High Point. I called up Jeff Majkrzak (co-owner of Geico Powersports Honda team) and asked if he was looking into hiring another rider. That was about a month ago, and after meeting among the team, Honda decided to give me the ride for Millville because it is my home track. So for now, it is just a one-race deal. I am hoping that if I have a good weekend, it will turn into something longer.

Has there been any mention of this weekend being contingent on the future?

Well, they seem to have quite a few meetings throughout the day, so I guess things could change. For now, I am just hoping to put in a good ride and maybe something will come my way.

How are you feeling on this, your home track today?

Track is awesome today. Shane Shaefer came out and resurfaced the whole track. I think it is an improvement from years past. Plus, it seems my dad is a little less stressed. It’s been really dry lately; we have been in a bit of a drought, so they had to put a lot of water on it, but it seems that it’s turned out good.

Has your dad been able to juggle being a track owner and now a father of a temporary factory-supported rider?

On race day, he is pretty maintained and allows the other guys to get their work done, so that he can watch; especially now that I am racing. I saw him up in the announcers tower checking out lap times, so I think he is keeping a close eye.