Catching Up With…Andrew Short

The life of Andrew Short is looking a lot different these days. While making out the list for the grocery store there have been some new additions to his list that include: diapers, diapers, and more diapers. That’s right; Andrew and Jackie Short are now proud parents of their new baby girl, Emma Short. While Jackie stays home each weekend to take care of their newborn, Andrew is traveling to each Supercross race, putting his body on the line to do what he loves and support his family. With racing Supercross and being a brand new parent, it’s clear that Andrew has a lot on his mind these days. We wanted to congratulate the Shorts’ and see how Andrew is handling his new life as a father.

TW: How is it being a new dad?

AS: At first it was a little different being a new dad. Obviously you’re everything for your child so I didn’t ride as much the first week, but gradually we were able to figure out a routine. Thankfully my wife is awesome about everything so I’m pretty lucky to have her.


TW: Is your wife and new baby girl going to travel with you to the races?


AS: Not right now. We don’t want to get our baby sick, it’s still a little hard on Jackie to adapt and have everything set-up, plus we have way more baggage: a stroller, a play pen, lots of toys, and all the other stuff. With Supercross right now I’m just flying in and flying out the next day. I don’t think they’ll be at the races for a while.


TW: Is it a little difficult on you traveling and racing every weekend, and not being able to spend time with your new daughter and wife?


AS: Yeah. It’s been an adjustment for me because my wife has always been very involved in my racing. We had a little system: she would wash my helmet, boots, have my goggles ready and in a certain way, and she did it right. That part I miss, and being able to hang out with her. She could tell if I was riding well and where I needed help. That whole area has changed for me. It’s just an adjustment not having her here.


TW: Was your first race after you daughter was born a little nerve-racking for you?


AS: It wasn’t nerve-racking for me after we had Emma. It’s just different, but I obviously look forward to going home a lot more than I did in the past. I am more nervous making sure she is healthy and she has everything she needs. At this point that’s the most nerve-racking thing for me.


TW: Do you want her to ride when she is old enough?


AS: (Laughs) I don’t know. We’ve moved to Texas and she is going to have a lot of options whether it’s riding motorcycles or doing whatever she wants. Wherever her heart leads her to I’ll support it. It would be great if she wants to ride and it’s not a problem if she doesn’t want to.


TW: You wouldn’t be the typical mini dad if she chose to ride would you?


AS: (Laughs) I don’t think I’d be quite a mini dad. I like getting into it, but there are different ways of getting your point across, different mindsets, and goals. I just want her to be healthy and have a good life. I wan to give her everything I can.