Catching Up With…Blake Wharton

With the East Lites series opener only two days away, many riders who will be competing in Houston were in attendance at Anaheim 2 on Saturday.  One Supercross rookie we found in the pits was the young Geico Powersports/ Honda rider, Blake Wharton.  After turning pro last summer with some stellar finishes outdoors, Blake has set his sights on Supercross.Blake Wharton

Blake, what are your thoughts going into your first Supercross series?

I'm excited!  A week from now I'll be racing my first Supercross.  Every race you do, you get that feeling of a mixture of things especially because it is my first time racing Supercross I'm going to be really excited.  I just need to keep my cool and be consistent out there because that's what it takes for a series like this.

Since you've never ridden Supercross before, how did your adjustment go at the test track?  Was it intimidating, or were you just really excited and ready to get going?

It's different if you've never done it, which it (the Honda test track) is pretty much my first Supercross track, besides the track that I had at my house.  I just took my time and didnBlake Wharton't rush it.  You don't want to rush things and go out there and crash and start off bad.  So, I took my time and put it together and I'm feeling good now.  We have a week and we'll see where I'm at.

Do you have a similar feeling right now that you did before your first pro race, or is it that you have proven you can run with the fast guys and it will be more the adjustment to supercross that will cause some nerves?

Well, I rode with them outdoors so I know I can ride with them indoors. I know supercross is different as far as tracks go, but I feel if I can get a good start and put myself in a position to do good then I will.  I'm just going to keep working hard and it will pay off in the end.

Thanks Blake, and good luck next weekend.