Catching Up With…Brett Metcalfe

by Kyle Cowling
Coming into the 2008 West Coast Supercross Lites Series, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider Brett Metcalfe was looking for a championship. However, what he found wasn’t particularly promising. As he walked away from A1 with a 19th place finish, it was clear Metty would need a miracle to keep his championship dreams alive. Luckily, Metcalfe has found himself a consistent podium threat, and managed to minimize the severity of the hole he dug himself by placing a respectable fourth place overall in the series standings. We were curious what the Aussie was up to during his two-month hiatus from Supercross, so we tracked him down at the local hot spot for any Motocross racer, Perris Raceway.

Tell us how your season has gone for you thus far.

Uh...I’m pretty satisfied about my season. I was upset with a few minor mistakes I made. I would have preferred to be a bit closer in the championship battle in the first position, but we have one more round to go so hopefully I can finish on a high note.

Where do you sit in the points right now?

I’m in fourth place right now and I’m only one point behind third place.

Now that you have some time off what are your plans? Do you plan on taking a little break or jumping right into some outdoor testing?

I’m taking a little time off and then I’ll be getting started on some outdoor testing sometime next week. I’m just going to get started on the outdoors and then head back to some Supercross riding before Seattle.

Are you excited to be preparing for the outdoors?

Yeah! For sure! I’m excited for any racing, really.

What are your goals once it’s time to take the racing outside? Are you planning on being inside the top three or do you want to take the whole thing?

I just need to go out there and look at it as a twelve-race championship and be on the podium at the end. It’s going to take consistency, solid riding each moto, and hopefully I can win a few.

You were injured last year during the start of the outdoor series; however, once you made your return you were on the box almost every weekend. Were you surprised with your performance?

Yeah! Definitely! I was very happy with the results I was able to put in. After I came back from my injury I was never out of the top five. That was satisfying to me. I was able to prove to everyone and myself that I could do it, and that I had consistency. This year I need to stay injury free, which is obviously the key. I just need to take those twelve races one by one, stay smart, attack when I believe I can go for the win, be patient, and get the best results I can.

How much longer or you onboard with Mitch and the team?

Right now my contract will be up at the end of this year.

Are you looking forward to hopping on a 450, or would you like to stay in the Lites class a little bit longer?

I’m not sure which way I’m going to go yet. Right now I’m kind of sitting on the fence as to what’s going to happen next year, whether I move up or stay where I am. I just started thinking about that a little bit, honestly. Right now there are no deals on the table, but I will obviously start kicking around ideas to see what comes up.