The young rider from Michigan has been slowly building a name for himself and is now in his third full year as a professional.  This year, Broc has so far experienced his highest highs, and lowest lows of his career.  The low was a shattered jaw suffered during press day at Anaheim I.  His highs have been two third place finishes both indoors and out.  His Supercross Lites third place came at the Toronto round of the East Coast series, and outdoors came just a few weeks ago at Colorado.  If you have not seen it, the second 250 Class moto was one of the best races of the year so far, if not the last few years, and Broc was right in the thick of it.  Here is what he had to say about how it all went down.

Colorado went pretty well for you.  Was that your best finish outdoors so far?

Not overall, but for a single moto, yes it was.  I also think that is the most points I have ever scored in a weekend, but I still came out with sixth overall which was a little disappointing.  But I was tied with fifth and fourth place was one point ahead of me and third place was three points ahead so we were all right there. It was all about the second moto.
Describe what went down in that second moto.

I got off to about twelfth in the first lap and worked my way up to sixth and was there for a while.  Then I made a couple mistakes and both Dungey and Pourcel got around me and that's where I finished up.  It was fun though, I was having fun the whole time and we were all close at the end of the moto; I only finished ten seconds behind the leaders in the second moto and I was eighth so you can only imagine what it was like racing with eight riders all slammed into a ten second gap and how close we all were.  Anything could have happened.

Was it hard to pass on that track? Also one would imagine that the power was down at that elevation.

Actually they must have figured something out for this year because the bikes were running really good.  It was really fast and it was hard to pass, definitely, but it was all about not making mistakes and being solid every lap.

So you have had two sixth place overall which are your best for the season.  But you definitely seem to be consistently pretty strong.  What has been the difference this year for you?

It is really just about being confident in myself and knowing that I can do it.  I know that I work hard and it's going to pay off.

It's no secret that you girlfriend, Jessica, is one of the Monster Energy girls.  Is that some extra motivation for you to get up on the podium so the other guys aren't standing next to her?

(Laughs) That doesn't bother me too much but I am trying my hardest to be up there with her, definitely.