To the surprise of many, including himself, Troy Lee Designs/Seaspan/Honda’s Chris Blose has been quite a presence this season in the West Coast Regional Supercross Lites Series. We caught up with number 63 today in Anaheim to get his thoughts on his season thus far.

Tell us a little about your new digs with Troy Lee/Seaspan/Honda.

The team is awesome. Everyone here works well together, and they work hard. We practice during the week together, and we just work well as a team.

You've had some solid results this season, and though you crashed in San Francisco, you showed you had the speed to run up front. How do you think you are fairing?

I kind of surprised myself at Anaheim 1.  Overall, I am pretty happy with my riding. Last week in San Francisco I didn't do too well. But I had really good lap times; I was fourth fastest. Unfortunately, I didn't end it well, due to the crash. But I am really happy and I look forward to more racing.

You were clearly running well at San Francisco, but you crashed.  That had to be frustrating.

It was definitely frustrating. Practice wasn't all that great, then when it came to the heat race, I got a bad start, and I banged bars with [Dan] Reardon. I went down and really hurt my thumb. I just got back on the bike and started riding, looking at lines. I won the LCQ, but in the main [Ryan] Morais and I came together and I was taken out. I couldn't get my bike started, so I just tried to salvage some points. I ended up fifteenth.

To what do you attribute your success this year?

I can't thank my team enough. They've given me all the equipment I need to do well. I think I've always had the skill, but I just didn't have the opportunity to show it. I've been training hard with Charles Dao. He's been working really hard with me.

What are your goals for the rest of the West Coast Lites Series?

For the remaining rounds, I definitely want to get on the podium. I know I can do it, and I know I have the speed. I just need to get a good start. I know I can run with the guys up front. I just need to put my head down and do it.