Photos Courtesy of Ryan Longstreth
durham3Although the Monster Energy Supercross Series is now well underway, we still haven't seen many of the sport's top stars even line up at the gates.  Sure some of that is due to injury, but it's mostly because the East Coast Lites series has yet to kickoff.  One of the riders who will surely be making his name known this year is Darryn Durham.

2009 was the Pennsylvania native's first rookie professional season, and while he struggled a bit in the beginning, by season's end he was a podium threat. After being dropped from his previous gig with Star Racing/Yamaha, Durham looked to be set with the small, but reputable, Suzuki City squad. But a few weeks ago, a press release was sent out saying the very gifted rider would instead be a part of the reincarnated Honda of Troy/Kilbarger Racing team, alongside Michael Willard, Levi Kilbarger, and Sean Lipanovich. We spoke with Darryn as his way home from practicing to learn about his new deal.

A few months ago we heard that you had a deal set up with Suzuki City, but obviously things did not work out with that. What happened with that situation and how did the HoT deal come about?durham2

Well, I never actually signed anything with Suzuki City.  Everything was running way behind schedule and the Honda deal came along and they had a little more to offer. So far I'm pumped on the bikes; they are really good.

So the actually Honda of Troy shop is supporting the team now?

The shop is supporting it and there are a bunch of other folks helping out, so it's a good deal. We have been training down in Georgia so far and when I went there they had my bike already set up.  We were there to test for a week and we just got it all dialed in.

The East Coast Lites Supercross starts up in just a few weeks.  How are your preparations coming for 2010?

We are three weeks away and I'm feeling good; really good. I have a lot more experience going into this year so I think it should be a lot better.  I am a better rider now and more physically fit than I was last year so it should be a good year for me.

With last year being your rookie season, do you feel that you learned a lot?

Yeah I made a lot of mistakes but I definitely learned as well. I got better as the season went on though. From the beginning of last year on, I would pick a few more positions off each week until the last round of the Supercross season where I got fourth.  So I just want to keep building on that.

In what area were your mistakes? Was it with riding, training, racing…?durham1

It was mostly with riding.  I wasn't very good with line choices and I wasn’t very good in the whoops last year It was more of a confidence thing.  But now I'm good and I know where I stand. It was just a lot of little things; you have to crash a few times before you learn how to do things the right way.

Was the pace about what you expected coming into the pro ranks? Or were you a little surprised?

I knew it was going to be fast paced, and I knew I wasn't too far off, I just made some mistakes.

Do you have a clothing deal lined up yet?

No, I don't even know what I'm going to be wearing.  I should know in the next couple of days. There are a couple of different offers and I just need to see what's best.

So you are just out here for a few days and then you are heading back to Georgia?

I actually live in California so I have my practice bike out here and am just doing some riding until the first round.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming season?

I really want to be up on the podium this year. I came close a few times last year and I wasn't puting my full effort into training and riding.  But this year I am ready and the podium is where I expect to be.