The Duke has been somewhat of an enigma for the last few seasons. On some weekends he will be the fastest rider on the track, and to see him win really is not much of a surprise. But on other weekends, you would hardly know the Georgian is at the race at all.  However many of those poor performances have been related to lingering injuries that have haunted Davi for a while.  With the new season approaching, Millsaps is back to 100 percent and is ready to start on a new path.  Returning to the Red Bull Honda squad for 2010, Davi is ready to deliver on the promise he has always shown.

Now that you have had some time to recover and look back, how was 2009 for you?

It was not a good year for me. We had the new bike come out and it took awhile to get comfortable on it, and still now I am finding some things that work better on it. I went to a lot of LCQs in Supercross and then got hurt at the second round of the Nationals and missed half the season. I came back and did really good at the end, running eleventh overall, but I still wasn't too pumped on that as a whole, but it is what it is.

You still had the occasional race where you would have a great ride even though the rest of the year was less than stellar.

Like I said, we had lots of issues to get myself and the bike to work well together. Honda and I have both been working hard to get the bike to work better and see what we can do, and right now I am happy with where it is at. If the track was good, then the bike and I were good and I think that had a lot to do with it. The bike was new and we were still finding out what we would need to do to make sure it would do what we wanted. I'm happy to still be here with the way the bike is now.


You wrapped up everything for your contract pretty early on, right?

Yeah, I have a two year deal and we have everything sorted out. I'm happy to have a job with these guys next year because we can do really good things. I shouldn't say happy, I should say ecstatic (laughs).

You mentioned that you weren't very pleased with the bike last year, and that's something we heard from some other riders. Are the numerous changes made to the bike that makes the 2010 much better than a 2009?

I ran the 2009 bike at the US Open and as soon as that was finished I started to work on the 2010, testing the internals of the suspension, and it was such a better bike so soon that I wouldn't ride the 2009 anymore. It gets better every week and with just a little more work it'll be the best bike out there, hands down.

So where are you basing your program and training at for 2010? Are you staying in California or heading back to Georgia soon?

I'm based here in California until February, and then once the East Coast races start I'll go back to Georgia, then back here to finish Supercross and start the Outdoors but end up back in Georgia again in the end. Last year I stayed here to do therapy on my back and neck, but next year I'll be in Georgia much more.

You were still feeling the effects from your Hangtown crash all season right?

Yeah, I just got back to being able to bend my head and neck backwards. I couldn't look up the hills when I was going up them.

Now that you have your back and neck problems sorted out and the bike is more comfortable, you'll have no major worries or headaches when you get on the line.

It's just the whole combination of knowing that my body and bike will do what I want it to do going to the corners and whoops. In 2009 I didn't know what it wanted to do sometimes.

Everyone always states their expectations and what they want to do in the upcoming season, so here's your turn.

I just want to do my best. That's what I've been shooting for the entire offseason when I'd get on the bike, and if I do what I think is my best I'll be up front soon enough.

You also have a new sponsorship that just got finalized….

Yeah, I'll be a Scott goggle and gear guy from now on. I have been on Oakley for years, but the new deal is good because the gear is super nice and doesn't fall off my butt (laughs). The goggles have been really good too, the pairs they set me up with have been great right off the bat, so I'm happy with everything I have going for next year.