Catching Up With…David Vuillemin

Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki’s David Vuillemin has had a rather frustrating season in 2008 thanks to perpetual injuries. After nine years of racing, however, DV12 has decided to pick up his family and make the trek back home to France to continue his racing career for 2009. Le Cobra has missed the majority of the outdoors this summer, but we ran into the friendly Frenchman recently at Starwest MX park and were able to see what’s been going on in the world of DV12.

Overall, how was for ’08 Supercross season?

Ahh, it wasn’t very good. My goal was to finish inside the top five, but I ended up finishing 8th overall. I had some trouble with a few injuries: my thumb the winter and then my knee at the San Francisco Supercross. It was a difficult season to race all of the races because I had to deal with injuries all season long.

How did things go for you at Glen Helen?

It was really, really bad for me. I think I got 16th place overall, so it was a tough day. I struggled a little bit with my bike setup, and with my knee not being completely healthy it was a bad day. On Tuesday, after the race, I crashed really hard at Competitive Edge, and I knocked myself out pretty bad! After that crash I decided to get my knee cleaned up, and I started riding again last Monday.

How is your knee feeling?

It’s still sore and a little swollen. I can ride, however, I am little timid in the turns.

When should we expect to see you back at the races?

My plan is to return at Budds Creek in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to race by then. If I don’t make it back for Budds Creek, it’ll be within the next few races.

Once you do return, what are your goals from then to the last round at Steel City?

I want to be inside of the top 10. I know I’ve been out for a while, and I didn’t to so well at Glen Helen; however, I need to get back into it and get some top-10 finishes.

Will this be your last year racing in America?

Yeah, it is. I decided to go race in Europe next year. I found a good deal and a good program for me next year with a French team called Bud Racing. The team sounds good, the chance sounds good, and I’m buying a house in my hometown. I’ve never had the opportunity to own my own house in France, so it’ll be cool to get back to my roots and live next to my family.

When do you think you’ll be leaving the States?

I don’t know yet. I’m going over there this winter to race, and I hope I can move the family by Christmas.

Do you see yourself coming back to America to race for any reason?

As for the racing aspect of it, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll race one outdoor next year, or something like that. However, I’m not going to sell everything I have here. I plan on keeping my house! My deal in Europe is a two-year plan, or it could even be a one-year deal; I don’t know. For now it’s a two-year program, and I’m trying to get settled in France soon.

Looking back on things, are you satisfied with the things you were able to accomplish in the States?

Yeah, it’s been good! I raced nine seasons in America. Actually, the other day I counted the amount of Supercross’ I’ve raced, and I have a 130 Supercross starts. That’s a lot, you know? I won seven times, and I have a bunch of podiums. I think I have 37, or something like that. Overall, it was really good. I think it could’ve been a lot better if I won a Supercross championship; I was close a couple of times, but that’s the way it is. I think my career was pretty good.