Catching Up With…David Vuillemin

So you are in France right now?

Yeah. Right after the Main Event in San Francisco I called my mom and let her know I was coming home and ask her to schedule an appointment with my osteopath. Then I flew out Monday at 5pm.

So what exactly happened at SF?

I was running good. I was seventh in the Main. After three or four laps, in the rut before the finish line, I popped my knee out in the deep stuff. I tried to stretch it out, but it was too painful so I stopped. I spent most of the night on the phone trying to figure out the best thing to do, but I knew my osteopath would know what how to help, so it was then I decided to fly to France.

Why fly all the way across the pond to see a doctor?

I have known my doctor since 1991, and I haven not found anyone in the U.S. that can do what he does as effectively. I don’t like to waste my time with x-rays, ultrasounds, and paperwork. I just need someone to put my bones where they need to be.

So has this injury developed into any permanent damage?

Oh no. I just needed to get it put back in place. Same with my thumb; I had him work on it while I was there from when I hurt it a couple months ago. It’s great. I got here at 5, and had an appointment at 7, and I will fly out of here at 6am. Basically, I am in France for about 12 hours.

So will you be ready to go at A3?

Oh yeah. I am going to lay low this week and let my knee rest and heal up as much as possible before the race, so I probably won’t ride much. But I will definitely race at Anaheim.

Now that you have four rounds under your belt on the RM-Z450, how is it treating you? Are you comfortable and happy with it?

Yes. I really like the bike. The team has been working really hard. We have made improvements through testing and I think the bike has been really good, especially the last two rounds. At San Francisco I was running top ten, and I don’t mind the mud. I usually don’t make too many mistakes in the mud, so a top five finish was realistic until my knee popped.