In recent years there have been several brothers who have joined the pro ranks.  The most notable siblings to this point have probably been Mike and Jeff Alessi, and Wil and Tommy Hahn.  They have all managed to hold factory rides at one point or another, and are in fact still young and trying to make their marks on the motocross scene.  Well for 2010, you can now add another duo to that mix. Fans are likely familiar with Jake Moss (shown on the right), who came here from Australia a few years ago and most recently had some excellent finishes in the 450 Nationals during a guest appearance on the Monster Kawasaki team.  This season, Jake’s brother and identical twin, Matt, will be making the move from Oceania to the States, and has managed to secure a coveted factory ride aboard a Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki RM-Z450.  As it turns out, that was supposed to be Jake’s ride (although he ended up at Rockstar/Suzuki/Canidae), but read on to learn more about this interesting pair. You will notice that they don’t only share similar genes, but similar sponsors and injuries as well.

Jake, we didn't really hear too much about you in the off-season, and it was beginning to look like you may not have a ride for 2010.

Jake: I actually had a couple of rides lined up.  Then I hurt myself and all of those deals went into the toilet. I was actually going to be riding for Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki on a 450 and then I crashed and hurt my wrist. I was going to be out for two months and was definitely going to miss A1. They wanted a guy who could race the opener. The guy they got is kind of a douche (laughs), but Rockstar/Suzuki/Canidae ended up hooking me up with a ride.  I will now be racing the East Coast Lites Supercross and then the 450 for motocross.

Matt, how about you? It probably didn't hurt too much to have your brother already in the states.

Matt: Yeah, he endorsed me a little bit. When he hurt himself, Roger DeCoster was looking around for a rider and it was between us two.  They knew I could ride just as fast as him so they pretty much so they just changed the name on the contract to Matt, so that was easy. Unfortunately at the last round of the Australian Super-X Series, I had a crash in the whoops and hurt my back.  So I also couldn't be ready for A1.  But I am glad I came here and have been able to meet everyone on the team.

It was ironic because Jake hurt his back last year around the same time. Did you have a similar injury?

Matt: It wasn't too bad really.  It was sort of a mud race and I was skimming the whoops when the bike just slid out from under me.  I buried my head into the ground a bit and it compressed some super-x-09-bris-20091205_0577of my vertebrae. It wasn't too big and my back is feeling fine now. I actually broke my scaphoid in my wrist as well, but that has been healing and is on its way to recovery. So we are looking to be back on the bike and fully healthy by about the fifth or sixth round.

Matt Moss at the Brisbane round of the Austrlian Super-X Championship.

It seemed like you were doing really well in the races in Australia. You started off on the 250F series and then switched over to the 450 later in the series.

Matt: Yeah I wrapped the championship up in the 250 class with two rounds to go, so I figured I might as well jump onto the 450 since that is what I will be racing here. I qualified first in front of Chad in the first 450 round I did. So, I knew I had the speed, but we also didn't have the full factory equipment like what we have here. Going into the final round, it rained a little bit and I was riding well there, I just had that crash. I feel really good on the Suzuki RM-Z450 and its just one of those things where if you don't hurt yourself, you just get better and better.

How is it getting to be with one another here in the States and away from Australia.  Do you get to spend much time together?

Matt: Yeah we will.  I'm going to get setup with a place, and Jake is already setup over here. It's good because I have someone I can talk to and he knows where all of the tracks and other things are.

Jake, last year you had a pretty cool opportunity with the Monster Kawasaki team and had a few really good finishes. Would you say that was one of your career highlights so far?

Yeah I think so. Every time I start getting to where I should be I end up hurting myself. I think that Kawasaki ride was great and I really only had three races to prove myself and try to get a good ride.  A couple people saw what I was capable of and Kawi even thought about bringing me on for this year as well.  Everything started falling into place and I was going back to Australia and just wanted to have a good off-season and the same thing happened as last year.  But I am definitely looking to turn things around this year.