by Kyle Cowling

Unfortunately for Torco Racing Fuels Honda’s Jake Weimer, the 2008 West Coast Lites Regional Series didn’t exactly go as planned, but he was able to take a win at Bank One Ball Park. Now, as the Supercross season is rapidly setting beyond the horizon, Jake and his team are switching gears to prepare for the Outdoor Nationals. We were able to catch up with the Torco Racing Fuels rider at the Honda track where he was brushing up on some SX in hopes of returning to Sin City this weekend for the last round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series.

You got hurt a little while after the Houston Supercross. What’ve you been up to since then?

Once I got hurt I was off the bike for five weeks. I had surgery and I started working out three weeks into that. It took me another five weeks before I could start riding again. I’ve been riding for the last two weeks and I’m trying to get myself back into shape. Hopefully I can make it this weekend to race Las Vegas.

What was the extent of your injury?

I just broke my collarbone. They put in a few screws and a plate.

Coming into A1 you were gunning for a championship, however, in your heat race you had a gnarly get off.

I had the holeshot and I guess I got a bit carried away? Right out of the first turn there was a little double and I slid out going up the face of the double. It pitched me off the bike and I landed on my shoulder. I tore the labrum and separated my shoulder, so it took a little while to overcome the pain.

Aside from your bad luck at A1, how was the rest of the season?

It was kind of a crappy season for me because of the expectations I had set for myself. It was nice to pull off that win in Phoenix. After that, however, I made some stupid decision and I ran into a bit of bad luck. Nothing was going my way and it was tough to rebound, but I was able to finish third at Houston and get things going. I was testing for Outdoors and that was going well until I had a minor crash at Glen Helen.

Are you looking forward to the Outdoor Nationals?

I am! I think it’ll be a good year! I like my bike a lot and I’m looking forward to getting things started.

What are a few of the things you guys have done to the bike coming Glen Helen?

Honestly, I’ve hardly done any testing because I’ve been hurt. I don’t know what they’ve got going on with the bike, but I do know they have a few different things going on that’ll be good. Even coming into Supercross this year our bikes were really good. The engine inside the ’08 Honda is a lot better than the ’07 model.

If we do see you at Vegas what are you hoping to accomplish?

I want to win (laughs). I haven’t had a lot of time on the bike, nonetheless, I still want to win and I think I’m capable of winning this weekend. I feel good on the bike; physically I feel like I’m in good shape. I want to win, but if I land anywhere on the podium that’ll help my confidence.

Does this mean we’ll see you de-throne Villopoto outdoors?

(Laughs) I think that may be a bit unrealistic for me to say that. I have made a lot of big improvements. For me, I want to be in that battle up front! For me to say, “Oh, I want to win the championship;” I think that might be a little unrealistic for me right now. I want to be in that mix and to be on the podium! Obviously I want to win, but at this point it’s unrealistic. I just want to be in the battle up front and battling for podium spots… That’s what I want.

Where will we see you in ‘099?

I’ll be in the Lites class next year. I’m up for contract at the end of this year, so I don’t know who I’ll be riding for/with. It’s still early, however, so we’ll see how that goes. No matter where I end up next year, you’ll see me on a Lites bike.