Catching Up With…Josh Grant

by Sam Griebenow

Josh Grant was undoubtedly one of the favorites for the title coming into the 2008 East Coast Lites. And though he was victim of a string of bad luck , Grant has started to turn his season around and get the results fans have come to expect from the down to earth rider. After nearly grabbing the win in Minneapolis, TransWorld caught up with Grant just before he snagged another second place in Dallas, Texas.

This year hasn’t gotten off to the start you wanted, what’re your thoughts so far?

I came into the season with high expectations of winning a championship, of course. I mean, that’s always every rider’s goal. I had all my ducks in a row and had a really good setup. I just ran into some mistakes and bad timing and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to go out every race and get on the podium and do the best I can. So from here on out, it’s just trying to stay consistent, finish the season strong, be healthy for outdoors, and look forward to the 450s because that’s kinda where the big fish are and where everything really happens.

Coming into this season you were more or less leading the charge for the Torco Racing Fuels/Honda team. Has the atmosphere around the team changed at all with Canard doing so well this season?

I don’t really consider myself the team leader or anything, I’m just here as the guy that was doing the best on the team. He’s had some really good success this year and had some good benefits. So like I’ve said, I’ve ran into problems and stuff and I don’t think that’s held me back any at all. I just wanna go out and do the best I can and it is what it is.

This is your fourth year on a Lites bike – when are you planning on moving up?

Hopefully next year for the Supercross season.

Have you started testing for outdoors yet?

Nah, not yet. I’ve just been riding Supercross and staying back in Florida working on stuff for what’s going on now.

We’ve noticed that you stopped using the Leatt.

I just felt more comfortable without it. I stopped wearing it at Steel City. It just got in my way and I just kept dealing with it falling off and it was always messing me up. I feel more comfortable without it riding, but I know it’s a big safety thing. But if I don’t feel comfortable and I’m always thinking about something on my neck, you’re always thinking about it, and that’s usually when you get hurt. So I just haven’t been running it lately, but who knows, I might get used to it and start wearing it again.

Your bike’s looking really fast this year; sometimes even blowing past the Pro Circuit bikes. Any big changes this year to accomplish that?

I mean, these guys have worked really hard this year getting the bike set up for me and everything. It’s come a long way and I think these guys have finally found a way to keep up with Mitch’s bikes. I just know that our Hondas are the ones that are going to be up front. Getting starts are no problem with these bikes. They are just really amazing; I’m feeling really comfortable and I think that has a lot to do with it.