We caught up with Joe Gibbs Racing’s Josh Grant today at Anaheim 3 while everyone waited out the rain. Josh has continued to be a top-five rider in his first season in the premier class since his victory at Anaheim 1, and now that we are back in Angel Stadium, it was only natural that we find out what’s going on with the California native.

Tell us a little about San Francisco.

It was good. We struggled a bit with bike setup, but overall it was fine. We made some changes and made it through the night. The dirt was loose and full of pebbles, so it made it difficult to set up the bike. My bike, though, has been great every weekend. We had good starts, and I rode well, so I was pumped. But to finish in the top five, like I said my goal was from the beginning, that's the best part about it.

Many riders have been vocal about their distaste of the track layouts this year. What is your take?

They have been making them pretty easy. They've also been kind of single-lined. I guess their goal is closer racing, but for us, it doesn't quite feel like normal Supercross, like last year, when there were a lot of different obstacles and they were technical. This year, they've been pretty easy. I guess it has made for closer racing, which is cool. I mean, it's not my favorite; I like technical tracks with hard jumps.

What are your thoughts about the mud tonight?

It's hard to even call it a mud race. It's more about who can get out there, stay up, and make it around the track for the duration of laps. But it's just one of those things. You can't control it; you just gotta go out there and have fun and get around the track.

Do you think being able to race out east in the later rounds will be good for you, since you are training out there?

It's gonna be good. I've been back in North Carolina training and working at the JGR facility. So when we do go east, we will be prepared and used to the east coast dirt. I've been there since October and I am excited to be back out there for racing. We race in domes and we don't have to worry about the weather. California is always going to home for me. So, yes, I will always miss it. But, at the same time, it's good to be where I am right now.

Have your goals changed or adjusted since you have had early success this year?

I set my goal at the beginning of the year; I said I am going to be a top five rider. When you set a goal, you shouldn't change it mid-season, no matter how well you are doing. Top five is a great goal, and if last year is any indication: statistics showed that if you finished sixth every race, you may have won the championship. I think it's a great goal for me in my first year. I just want to stay consistent and healthy all year long. If I can do that, I'm stoked.