Catching Up With…Josh Grant

TWMX caught up with the Sobe/No Fear/Samsung/Honda pilot, Josh Grant, as he was taking a break from testing. A little R & R for Grant, however, is a little more than kicking it in a lawn chair. Instead, Josh likes to find big natural hits in the middle of the dunes and get as much air as possible. In between sessions, he sat down with TWMX to chat about the upcoming Supercross season.

How’s testing going?

It’s good. I just started riding the new 08 Honda CRF250R. I’m pumped about it. We have been doing a lot of testing with the front end, getting the suspension and handling dialed. The new set-up is really good.

Have you noticed any major differences from your 07 bike?

Yeah. I rode the 07 as a practice bike and was testing with the 08; and they were completely different bikes. It took me a while to get used to it, but once I did, I felt the changes for 08 were really good. It feels tighter, more compact. It’s not smaller, but it is lighter with new geometry.

Other than the bike, are there any changes for you this season?

I have a new trainer this year, Darren Stockton. He trains with Ivan Tedesco as well. We are working on a new program and just getting everything squared away for the upcoming season.

What is your program like?

It’s 5 days a week. Some days we will just be riding, have the day off from training. We will go to the chiropractor and get a body adjustment. Then the next day may be a hard riding day with training: a lot of motos, a lot of laps. We switch it up with a mix of everything. But you have to eat right and get sleep as well. You can’t train all day, then stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning. You have to do it all.

Does the majority of your testing take place at the Honda track here in California?

Most of my testing is at the Honda track, but I also do a little at Adam Chatfield’s track.

East or West?

I haven’t decided yet. When the cut-off date comes, I’ll decide then.

What will you consider in your decision?

I think about how I am riding and if I am prepared. If I think I could continue to improve, that may push a decision to race the East. It just comes down to my comfort level for whichever coast. I want to get my training program straight and see how I feel.

Size up the competition for each coast?

It’s like half and half. There’s a lot of fast riders on each side. West coast can be more stacked because everyone is itching to ride. But either coast, they will be stacked with fast riders.

This morning I watched you hitting some big booters in the sand. What is more fun: racing or freeriding?

Riding out here (Glamis) is so much fun. I love it. I have been coming out here since I was 11 or 12. This is bliss for me.

Do you like Supercross over outdoor motocross?

Supercross is more flashy, more show. That’s what people pay to see. Outdoor doesn’t seem to attract the same publicity. That’s where we, as riders, make our money.

How big of a toll does running both Outdoor motocross and Supercross take on a rider?

We don’t ever really get a break. After Glen Helen we get a couple weeks to have some fun or go on a vacation, but after that everyone starts riding again to get ready for Supercross. Then, as soon as Supercross has wrapped up, Outdoor season starts. There is no break for us, really; it’s all year long.

Supercross tracks have become increasingly similar. Do you think there is enough variety in the layouts?

The similarity of the tracks are good for the riders because we only get 2 practices on Saturday to get the track down. You know that the triples are 65 ft, you know the measurements. It would be a whole lot harder if the tracks were free-handed each time. That said, more variety might separate the riders more and not keep everyone so close. You want the best rider on that day to win, and variety allows that.