Catching Up With…Matt Lemoine

Matt Lemoine isn’t a name we’ve heard too much of this year, however, it may have to do with the fact he suffered a nasty crash in Phoenix and was forced to sit out until round six at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. While Matt has missed most of the West Coast Supercross rounds, he is looking forward to the outdoor season in hopes of showing everybody how good the Star Racing Yamaha really is. Being quite the character, Matt Lemoine gave us a goofy interview and showed us that Travis Preston wasn’t the only comedian on the track. Check it out…


TW: How’ve things been going this year?


ML:  Uh…the first race was okay. It was just a little mud race so I was trying to get that one out of the way and move onto the following weekend. The following weekend, in one of the heat races, I had a really bad crash and I ended up with a concussion. I had to sit out the last few races. I actually came back last weekend at San Diego. I had a few bike problems there and I haven’t even raced a full main event yet! Hopefully if luck is on my side I can actually do something (laughs).


TW: What were your goals coming into the season?


ML: I want to grab a few top five finishes. I had one top five finish last year. I wanted to be in the top five a few times this year and progress as the season went on, but I had to sit out for three and a half weeks so it wasn’t too good.


TW: What was the full extent of your injury?


ML: I just had a concussion, luckily. I had to sit and wait. It sucked because I while I was at home listening to the races I was actually riding at home too, but I couldn’t race. It wasn’t very fun.


TW:  How was last year for you?


ML: I think I finished seventh overall in points? It was pretty good. I had a fifth, a sixth, a couple sevenths; right around there. The outdoor season didn’t go that well, but I hope things will turn around.


TW: Do you prefer Supercross or Motocross?


ML:  I really like Supercross! It’s a lot of fun, but this year I do not like it so much (laughs). 


TW: Were you the one who had that gnarly crash at Glen Helen…


ML: You mean the one right before the finish line?


TW: Yeah!


ML: Yes! I came around the first two laps and they sprayed water on the face of the jump and I just slide out going up the face of that big triple. Yeah…that didn’t turn out so well. I was pretty lucky I only broke my arm so I had to sit out for three weeks. That’s it, though. I really came out good for such a bad crash.


TW: How are the new bikes?


ML: Everything is tremendously better. It seems like every year things improve. We have a few things this year that we didn’t have last year, which makes the bikee that much better. I haven’t been able to prove to everybody how well our bikes are, but believe me, their amazing.


TW: You’re one of many riders who wear the Leatt brace. What do you think of it?


ML:  I think it’s just like knee braces. I can’t ride without it. It took me a couple of rides to get use to it, but once I did I can’t ride without it!


TW: Is there anybody you would like to thank, Matt?


ML: Everybody at Star Racing Yamaha, Smith, Vans, Shoei, and CTI 2.