Nico Izzi is gearing up for his second Supercross season with Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki with a new number, a fresh battle plan, and more intense training regiment. TWMX caught up with the new number 20 to find out a little more about his preparation for the upcoming season.

You're about to enter your second Supercross season. What is your approach into the season, and how does it differ from your rookie year?
I think I am coming in stronger; I have been training a lot harder for sure. I am trying to learn from my mistakes last year, so I can go to the East Coast and put the hammer down.

Last year, you had the speed and the aggression, but would you say you weren't as physically prepared as you would have liked?
I just wasn't fit enough, at least nowhere where I needed to be. I just sort of struggled all season. Once the season starts, it's near impossible to make huge gains. I just tried to make the best of what I had. But I am used to winning, so I am training harder and looking to win a championship.

Since you ran a few nationals before Supercross last year, you had the opportunity to run a two-digit number last season. Instead you chose to run 341. Why?
I could have run 54, but I like 341. When I was an amateur, I ran 34 the whole time. I decided I wanted to hold onto that a little longer, ya know, and just add the one. This year, though, I am pumped to run a low number. I like 20, it looks good on the bike.

Since the '08 and '09 RM-Z250 are pretty much the same, save for the yellow front number plate, are you making any substantial changes for this season?
Last year my bike was good. But this year, I am going a lot faster, so there are some changes. I think my suspension will be completely different; it'll be stiffer to handle the whoops. With the new sound rules, I will be running different exhausts. We still have a lot of motor stuff to try.

Now that you have a professional season under your belt, has testing come a little easier this year?
I actually tested a lot as an amateur, so I was pretty used to it coming in. Many amateurs just run what is given to them, but I tested a lot.

Where will you spend your winter?
I would like to stay out here (California) for testing, but I'm not sure yet. I have a beautiful place in Georgia with a nice Supercross track. Its nice to be away from it all out there, too; but it's still up in the air right now.

What are your goals for Supercross?
I want to win some races and be in the hunt for a championship. If I am physically fit, I think I can do it.