interview by Elmo

Southern California native, Sean Hamblin, is back home after spending a little under a year overseas. It has been while since we’ve seen Hamblin line up for an American Outdoor National, but it’s good to see Hambone back in action. We caught up with Sean shortly after the conclusion of practice at Glen Helen to see how he was feeling for the weekend’s festivities.

You spent a little under a year racing overseas. How did that work out for you?

It went good and bad. I don’t think things could have been any better when it came down to our living situation and the people that lived with us. Obviously results can always be better. Overall, though, I had a good time, and it opened up my eyes. I was able to realize the things that I want in life, and I am glad to be home!

Compared to the tracks at home, how are the courses overseas?

They lack any lines. The sandier tracks have a lot of lines, though. Overall… I don’t know. The tracks are very hard-pack, fast, and short. At home the tracks are a bit longer, and they are prepped somewhat differently.

Were you contracted to be overseas for one more year?

I was and I wasn’t. Honestly, I wanted to stay over there, but a there was a few things that didn’t work out with the team. I decided to pack up my things and come home, and that’s what I did. Grant Langston and I are good friends, so he brought me out to Florida for a couple of months. He bought me a few bikes, and I’ve been riding quite a bit.

How did you feel on the track this afternoon?

Not too bad. I worked out all of the bugs in the first practice. In the qualifying practice I felt good; it could’ve been a little bit better, but it could’ve been a lot worse. I think we’re looking good for tomorrow, and if we keep moving forward with the bike things will be perfect.

Are you going to be racing the entire season?

Yeah! I’ll be out here all summer on a Tuff Powersports Yamaha.

What are your goals for the season?

I want to make it fun again. As long as I can do that every weekend things should be fine. I want to be in the top-10 overall. I don’t think that’s too far off, so we’ll see what happens.