Catching Up With…Sean Hamblin

After spending some time on the European circuit, Sean Hamblin made his return to America to join the 2008 outdoor National circuit aboard a TUF Powersports Yamaha. However, after producing some impressive finishes, Hamblin found his way onto a factory Yamaha for the remainder of the summer. Since the final round at Steel City, we had yet to hear if Hamblin had lined anything up for the fast-approaching '09 season, therefore we gave Hambone a ring this afternoon to see what he has going on for 2009. 

What have you been up to since Steel City?

I decided to get away from things for a while, and I spent some time at the river and in Canada with the in-laws. I'm just now starting to get back into the swing of things.

 Do you have anything lined up for Supercross?

To be honest, I don't have anything at the moment. Nothing has really presented itself in a manner that would allow me to race Supercross, and I don't think it's a good idea to race a Supercross season unprepared and half ass things. I am trying to work out a few things that will allow me to do what I did this year during the outdoor season, and hopefully things will be a little bit more successful.

Were you satisfied with the way your outdoor season went?

Yeah. I was pretty happy. Overall I feel like it was a pretty good success as far coming back home and proving to everybody that I am a top guy. I had a lot of fun. I did have an unfortunate injury in the middle of the season, but Yamaha stuck by my side throughout everything. Other than that I think I had a successful season.

You started the season off on a TUF Powersports Yamaha and then joined the factory Yamaha squad. Was there any difference between the two bikes?

The bike that I was riding before I signed with Yamaha was as close to a production bike as you can get. Obviously the factory bike had its strong points, but as a whole, I think my factory was definitely a bit better.

From here on out, what's the game plan?

There is an opportunity for me to go to Australia, but that would mean I would be leaving home once again. Ideally, however, that is not what I want to do, you know? I think I had a good outdoor season, so there is no reason why I should have to leave the country to get myself a ride. I want to stay around and do even better than I did this year.