Catching Up With…Sean Hamblin

Sean Hamblin just dropped a line to TransWorld Motocross from his hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, and the California native is excited about his unexpected return to racing.

So Hamy, when I texted you from the pressbox last Saturday and said, “Hey man, with Hepler hurt, you should walk into the Yamaha pits and yell, ‘Whazzuuuppppp!'” you replied, “Haha. Funny guy.” From now on, are you gonna take my career advice?

(Laughs) Yeah man, how funny is that? A little while later, Keith McCarty approached Robyn and I in the Knothole and asked if I would be interested in racing some Supercross. I told I’m that if the right opportunity presented itself, I would certainly consider it. That Monday, I got a call from Jim Perry and I was at the Yamaha track testing a factory bike by noon!

Have you cleared out the Supercross cobwebs, then?

Yeah, I rode every day this week, so considering that I have five days of riding Supercross under my belt, I am feeling pretty good.

Have you kept up on your training and riding in the interim, when your future was uncertain?

As well as I could. I rode motocross whenever I got the chance. Riding Supercross, of course, is totally different, so I can’t really say I stayed in shape for SX. We’ll see how it goes from this weekend on.

The press release read as if you were only on the team until Hepler returns. Is there a chance of you proving yourself and earning your way onto the team for the remainder of the season?

Well, the equipment is there, its just a matter of money, or a lack thereof. If they can find some funding, and I am riding well enough, I do think there may be an opportunity there.

So bud, how stoked are you? Lightning strikes three times for Hambone!

I’m really excited. To get another opportunity to race on factory machinery is incredible. I am going to ride my best.

So what are you going to be wearing?

Well, I am back with Shoei helmets, which I am very excited about. And I will be in all Alpinestars gear beyond that. And Spy goggles.

What are you hoping to accomplish in Phoenix?

Just to get into the main event. That will be a good start, and I can build on it from there.

Good luck, Sean.