Catching Up With…Sean Hamblin

Remember Sean Hamblin? You know, the California kid who came out of seemingly nowhere to score a ride with Team Suzuki in 2002? After spending the 2007 season campaigning the MX2 World Championship Series as a member of the UK-based Swift Suzuki team, Hamblin is back in the United States and looking for a ride…

Happy new year, Sean. What are your plans for 2008?

I don’t know yet. Hopefully racing a dirt bike. I have only been riding a couple times since September, but I am actually having fun again riding and enjoying being on the bike. I may come out for a couple Supercross races; if not, I will try to put something together for Outdoors.

In the span of five years, you have gone from struggling male model to four-stroke national hero to landing a factory ride to podiums at Nationals to Privateer to European superstar to guy wearing shorts and flip-flops in the middle of winter at the Yamaha test track.

I like to keep it interesting. I like to keep people on their toes; keep them guessing. It’s no fun if you always know what someone is going to be doing. It keeps it interesting and that’s the only way I know how to do it.

We know that your racing experience in the Europe did not go exactly as planned, but do you look back at it as a great life experience?

Oh, for sure. It was a huge opportunity for my wife and me; it was our first year of marriage. I think it was a good decision to do what I did. I rode well, but a few things didn’t roll the way I wanted them to, but overall I don’t look at it as a failure. I want to give it another shot down the road, now that I know what to expect and what to look forward to.

You’re 25 and you have the speed to gain a factory ride. What is it going to take to regain that potential you wielded when you raced the Nationals?

One: I need to make it fun again. Two: I need to surround myself with the right people. Three: Go out and do what I know how to do the best way that I can. The people I surround myself will be the biggest factor. It would be great if all those things lined up. Unfortunately, those things haven’t quite lined up together for me.

Any chance you will return to the lucrative world of male modeling?

Never in a million years.