One of the great things about freestyle MX is the list of characters involved with the sport. Individuals come all over the world with an enormous variety of backgrounds.  One of the more interesting cats on the block though hails from the center of the motocross racing world. Todd Potter has seen it all in FMX and his popularity only continues to rise.  One of the more naturally talented riders out there, Todd is taking his insane whips to a whole new arena this coming year. We caught up with Potter (in one of his more hairy personas) to learn about his past year, and what he has in store for the future.

What's the latest with you? We haven't heard a whole lot since the AFMXA Awards.

I just signed onto the "Nuclear Cowboyz" tour for three months, so that'll run from January to April and occupy my time. On top of that I will be filming a pilot for a MTV reality show with Mark Barnett, so after the pilot we'll see what the next step is. I have been living life how I want to after Jeremy's (Lusk) crash because it opened my eyes and made me realize I shouldn't be worried about what others think of me. I do what I have to do and get good results when I need to, so I have just really been loving life.

In the past few weeks we have heard a lot about the Nuclear Cowboyz tour, but to some it's still unclear what the whole thing is about. Can you shed some light on to what you and the rest of the guys will be doing?

It's a choreographed show with the best guys in freestyle riding at every stop. They have done a lot of work to get everything timed just right and to be most entertaining to the fans. There are a few side acts like a quad guy doing flips and a trials show with Geoff Aaron, but moto is the centerpiece to it all.

Mike Mason said that he thinks this is where the sports new direction is a few weeks back. Do you feel the same way; glad to have a break from contests but still be in front of fans?


With the recession and the Dew Tour pulling away from anything moto, I think this is something that is a great thing for a sport that some feel is dying. There are diehard fans that have been hitting my Facebook and Twitter pages saying how excited they are to see us ride, and that is the best part of riding to me. As long as people are entertained with us and want to see us ride, then that's how long I'll stay at it.

So does this mean that you'll be pulling away from the contest aspect in 2010?

I will do X Games, but aside from that I won't be giving it a hundred percent to fly to Europe and ride a demo if the money is no good. When I get there the bikes they give us run terrible compared to here because of the gas, so I just say my bike has an accent compared to my American bike(laughs). I know that sounds like I have a bad attitude, but that's how I feel and I think I deserved to chance to not bust my ass unless it is at the X Games. I'm not saying I am retiring, but after seeing what the entire Lusk family went through, I know I want to do what I can to keep that from happening to my family. I have been totally blessed my entire career and I want to make my mark on the sport, and good or bad it's all on me.

It seems like freestyle had to rethink almost everything this year…

It's really because of the progression that happened to the sport in the last five years. It's hard to top the past unless I'm doing a double flip with a Superman thrown in there, and at that point I say to myself "Who cares anymore?" I will keep riding solid and I figure I'll always show up at the X Games for Best Whip and something like Step Up, and hopefully the MTV thing works out like we hope it can. But most important to us is the AFMXA, and that has taken off like we expected and we should see it's growth in the next few years go according to plan. So the future looks good and the sport is sticking around for a while more.