Catching Up With…Tommy Hahn

By Kyle Cowling

After several years of seeing red, Tommy Hahn made a switch to a different team. Riding for Team Xtreme Kawasaki, Hahn has been struggling throughout the season to reach the expectations he sets upon himself. Hoping to show everybody what he is capable of, the Texas native dug deep to capture a career best 2nd place at the San Diego Supercross. While he may not be setting the world on fire like Ryan Dungey or Jason Lawrence, Tommy Hahn strongly believes in himself as a top contender. We caught up with Tommy at his hometown race in Houston Texas to reflect on his season, the new team, and racing against his little brother, Wilbur.

TW: Tell us how your season has been going so far, Tommy.

TH: It started off a little rocky, but I’ve been able to turn it around the last few races. I’ve been trying to get good starts and good finishes for the team and it’s been working so far.

TW: How did it feel to get second place at San Diego?

TH: It was huge! So far I’ve only done well in the mud and I needed to put in a good race in dry conditions to prove to everyone the mud wasn’t the reason I was doing so well. I definitely rode well in San Diego; I didn’t feel like I rode as well as I could have. I struggled a little bit in the corners, but I’ve been improving and with the help of Ivan Tedesco my riding has been improving even more.

TW: Do you believe you have what it takes to run with Ryan Dungey, Jason Lawrence, and those guys?

TH: Oh Yeah! I know I have what it takes, but my problem has been putting it all together…that’s been my problem throughout my career. I’ve always had the speed, I just need to get a good start and ride hard.

TW: You’ve been riding Hondas for quite a while. How was the transition from Honda to Kawasaki? Is the bike a lot different?

TH: It feels close to a Honda, but they’re a few things that are a little better on my bike. I really like how it turns, and it handles very well. Pro Circuit does a good job on our bikes and I think we have great bikes!

TW: Do you guys get a lot of help fromm Pro Circuit?

TH: Yeah! We work closely with Pro Circuit, Mitch, and Bones. They give us some good stuff and I think my bike is great!

TW: How long is your deal with team Xtreme Kawasaki?

TH: Two years.

TW: How is it racing with your little brother, Wil? Is there any kind of rivalry between the two of you?

TH: No. It’s good (laughs). He really wants to beat me, but there is no real rivalry. If I do well he congratulates me and if he does well I congratulate him. It’s pretty cool.

TW: Do you guys ride together during the week or are you both doing your own thing?

TH: Not really. He does his own thing with Yamaha and I do my own thing with Kawasaki. During the outdoor season we ride together quite a bit. We just stick to our own programs.