Catching Up With…Trey Canard

By Donn Maeda

Team Torco Racing Fuels/Honda’s Trey Canard is likely the nicest kid in
the pits. The 17-year-old from Elk City, Oklahoma, isn’t a flashy rider,
but he is as solid as a rock when it comes to turning in fast,
consistent laps. After flirting with the podium in the last few
Motocross Lites Nationals of 2007, Canard came into last weekend’s
Eatern Region Supercross Lites opener anxious and admittedly nervous
about his Supercross debut.

After sitting out several weeks this off-season with a busted collarbone
suffered in the Honda test track whoops, Canard admits that the man-made
rockers are his biggest challenge, but he looked plenty fast in them in
the Georgia Dome, as he led ever single lap of the Supercross Lites main
and scored a win in his very first try. We caught up with Treynard right
after his win, before the realization of what he had just accomplished
had fully set in…

We weren’t able to hear too much of your podium interview after the
race, but we imagine you said something about your pop?

Yeah. Throughout training and coming up to Supercross I have had him on
my mind quite a bit. I have always wanted to dedicate one to him, so
what better one than this one? I really wish he was here so see this

First race, first place. How does it get any better than that?

Dude, it hasn’t soaked in yet. It’s a long series, and I am really
hoping to have a couple more.

Describe how the day went for you. I caught you coming out of the
bathroom a couple times, so were you feeling pretty nervous, I

Yeah I broke my record in smashes today! (Laughs) I was definitely a
little choked up. My second practice was probably the worst practice I
have had in awhile. I had some ignition issues, but I took it and made
it a lot bigger than it was. I expected to be nervous.

You ended the first practice with the fastest lap time…did that boost
your confidence at all?

Not really. I didn’t really expect to have that! It definitely gave me
a little boost though. From the outdoors I was always four seconds
slower then everyone, so to have the fastest lap time was awesome!

You mentioned that you had some ignition issues during second practice.
However, you were still able to pull off the “Goon” at the finish

Some of it was accidental! The first lap I came off and it pretty much
died on the face. We got it turned around and ready to go though.

Sipes passed you only once during the heat race, but other than that,
you led every lap tonight…that had to feel awesome.

It was good for sure. I know it a long series though, so I need to
concentrate on that.

In the main event when you got the holeshot into the first turn, what
was going through your mind?

I couldn’t tell you. I can’t even remember. I was trying to just
click off the 15 laps and charge and get it done.

How did the race go overall? Pretty smooth?

I had a near-death experience on lap 3. I don’t even know what
happened? I think I over jumped the step-on-step-off into the face of
the next one and got a little sketchy. I slowed down at the end though
trying not to make any mistakes, but I’m stoked with tonight.

We witnessed the one hander over the triple, and obviously the fist
pumping finish is pretty sweet, but we were looking forward to a big
“Goon Jump” from you!

That was plan! I have always said my first win was going to be an air
wheelie, but it didn’t really sink in at the time.

It’s all over now, and you keep saying it still hasn’t hit you, but
what are you feeling right now?

I can’t even describe it. It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of
dedication paying off, and I am just trying to move on and worry about
next weekend.

Throughout the winter, your big thing was the whoops. How are you in the
whoops now?

It’s still not my strongest point. I know I need work on that and
that’s what I need to focus on during the week. I am getting a little
faster though. They were really beat out tonight so I got lucky. My
whoop speed has increased tremendously over the off season, so I am just
trying to stay consistent in them.

Did you know during any point of the race that Villopoto was down and

I actually saw them push his bike off. I kept riding like he was right
behind me though.

Would you like to comment on the inside jokes written on your pit

(Laughs) I read in an interview once that there were going to be two
guys in the lead and everyone else was going to be distant third, so the
whole joke of the weekend was D3 which was distant third. We shouted
that quite a bit today. It was a lot of motivation and helped me carry