Cause 2 Ride

May 19, 2006 — Atlanta, GA—”Today is a great day as the pediatric stroke awareness campaign has reached new heights. Congress just awarded May 6th as National Childhood Stroke Awareness Day to remember those children that are suffering and those that have been lost,” says Tommy Jones, father of 9 year old stroke survivor, Brady and co-founder of Cause2Ride. “We have to thank Mr. Alan Blinder for getting the petition started in February and the hundreds of people that signed it in support of our children. Cause2Ride was created after Tommy’s son collapsed from a massive stroke that has left him disabled at the age of 9. The Jones Family, along with many others around the world, has been trying to get the awareness out about pediatric strokes through numerous outlets. The Jones’ chose motocross since Tommy is a long time fan and weekend rider. “My family owes a great deal of thanks to so many in the motocross industry, Travis Wicks, Live Nation, Pro Circuit, Racer X, Kawasaki, Dunlop, OGIO, Renthal, Utopia Optics, Thor MX, and many others. Without their help and generosity, we would not be able to spread the awareness and get the attention that these kids deserve. It can happen to any child at any time without warning. No child is exempt and that is very scary. added Tommy.

Cause2Ride was co-founded by Tommy’s brother, Troy Jones and friend, Mendee Hauck. The purpose is to hold motocross charity events to raise money for pediatric stroke research. Visit to see how you can get involved or visit for more information about pediatric strokes.