Cernic’s Wins Six at Loretta Lynn’s

Cernic’s Racing, a family-owned bike shop business in central Pennslvania, quietly drove home from Loretta Lynn’s 2003 AMA/Air Nautiques National Motocross Championships with a stunning haul of six class titles. The same neighborhood shop which helped introduce the world to amateur prospects Travis Pastrana and Branden Jesseman continues to support qualified riders of all ages all over the country, and Cernic’s Racing riders were regular visitors to the winner’s circle at Loretta Lynn’s.

Future Suzuki factory riders Davi Millsaps and Broc Hepler closed out their amateur careers with national championships on Cernic’s Racing Suzuki motorcycles.

“I’m real proud of both those boys,” said Jeff Cernic. “I think Davi (who won two class titles) has the potential to be one of the greatest riders ever, and Broc has the work ethic and drive of a Jeff Stanton. Broc will be a champion in his own right. In fact, believe the day will come very soon when those two kids are battling together for supercross titles.”

And looking further down the road, Cernic’s Racing’s Dominic Izzi will someday be joining them, but for now Nico is the newly-crowned 85cc (12-13) Stock class championship. “Nico is at least three years away from his professional career but he’s already thinking, acting and working out like a top pro,” said Cernic, who’s family has race shops in both Johnstown and Altoona, PA. “He’s leading the next generation of Cernic’s Racing riders.”

And then there’s the first generation of Cernic’s Racing riders, newly-crowned AMA Amateur National Champions in the vet classes, Keith Bowen (+35) and Jimmy Evans (+25). “Keith Bowen won a Loretta Lynn’s championship back in 1982, the very first year,” said Cernic. “To see him still out there winning is a testament to his dedication, desire and love of the sport. It’s an honor to have him on our team.”

As for Evans, “I just can’t how proud and happy I am for him and his family,” said Cernic. “He’s been an AMA District 5 rider for twenty years, and he’s been going to Loretta Lynn’s for just as long. To see him get to his hand his father than #1 plate was the best moment of the entire week for me. I think we all had tears in our eyes!

“I just want to add how proud I am of all the Cernic’s riders,” said Cernic, “the champions as well as the guys who didn’t quite make it to the winner’s circle. Every one of our guys is a champion in my eyes. We’ll all be back next year for more…. Except for Millsaps and Hepler, of course. They’re going straight to Team Suzuki factory rides, just like Travis and Branden did.”

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