Hi there. How's everyone doing?

Anything new? Anything at all?

Well, yeah there are a few new things going on with me actually. Thanks for asking. For one, I got a haircut the other day because my dream of having Sammy Hagar-type hair (don't laugh, it's my life's dream-ask my wife) has, once again, failed. When it gets a certain length it doesn't look cool like Sammy's, it just looks matted and greasy.

The other thing that's new is I have a new home on this World Wide Web deal and its right here on Transworld! I'm excited to be here and hope that all of you guys that liked what I did over on Racer X will just follow me over here and we will continue our little magical mystery ride through professional motocross. In case you're not sure what that ride consists of, it's Observations from the races, Podcast shows, interviews, some magazine stuff, some Tim Ferry talk and so much more. Thanks for all of you that have sent me the cool emails telling me you enjoy my stuff. That guy that told me to "eat his pooh" a little while ago probably isn't going to come here and I suppose that's fine.

I want to thank Editor-in-Chief Donn Maeda for getting me over here, I just really wanted to continue to write about motorcycle racing for a living and he gave me that chance. The Observations and Podcast shows are both very popular and people seem to like those, so I'm going to keep doing that. I'm going to keep bringing you interviews with questions that I would like answered, there will be some magazine stories along the way and maybe, just maybe, Donn will get me a bike one day!

Maeda and I actually go way back, further back than I think people realize. The first year I was a mechanic on the pro circuit (1996) it so happened that was the time that this little thing called the internet was growing as well. There wasn't much out there for moto people but there was one site called which kind of filled the void.

They also had a chat room.

TWMX's Tim Ferry-ratio just went up big-time!

TWMX's Tim Ferry-ratio just went up big-time!

And that, my friends, is where I was when I first met Donn. I had known him from Cycle News by-lines and Dirt Rider but that was about it. He was mythical, imaginary and elusive. Think of him like an Asian Mr. Snuffuleupagus. I don't think he had started MXRacer quite yet but there he was, talking moto with the rest of us fans. I was dropping my riders Shaun Kalos (11-11 at Unadilla) and Cory Keeny (14-17 at Red Bud) names like whodunit but he was making sure that no one was impressed. That was when I realized that we would become fast friends the very next time I saw him, he was funny and not above making light of himself first. That was perfect as I was already beginning to see that too many people on the circuit took packing the gate as serious as brain surgery.
And friends we became, from MXRacer to Transworld MX we always kept in touch and although years ago I asked him to write something and he turned me down (he probably just thought of me as a world class mechanic and not as the thespian I've become) but that was ok. Not everyone can see genius right away. Even when it's wearing an apron while changing a tire, has grease on its face and sweating like a Sherpa going up Everest.

The chatroom not only gave me a friend, it introduced me to my future wife. Yes, I'm serious.

When I was forced into getting married to stay in this wonderful country, I threw a wedding together in four days and although I got my lovely bride Angie (who probably can't believe her luck to meet a grease monkey on-line and was now being forced to marry it) to skimp on the full wedding and the actual dress, she wasn't having me trying to get out of pictures being taken. With no notice, I needed a photographer on a Tuesday morning out at Corona del Mar and thought of only one guy.

Donn said yes without hesitation and I have no clue if he ever shot a wedding before or since but there he was, in the surf and snapping photos away. Angie was pumped that she got her photos and to this day, I appreciate the fact that he made time to come out and make her happy in what had to be the complete opposite of what she grew up dreaming a wedding would be about.

So thanks Donn for that and for this opportunity. Everything's come full circle it seems.

I also would be remiss if I didn't thank DC, Bryan and the guys over there on Racer X for all that they have done. They (and Racer X Canada) gave me the platform, DC made sure I didn't hang myself and they helped me become a better writer. Those guys are, and will remain, my friends even though I'm over here now. While all the cool guys are at the after-parties, The Weege and I will continue to seek out somewhere to go after the races where we can debate what would have happened had RJ not broken his wrist in '89.

To all the guys at TWMX, I look forward to working alongside you all and learning from all of you.

Thanks to Vince and all the guys at for stepping up and becoming the sponsor of both the Observations and the Podcast Shows (look for a new ITunes account soon as well) but most of all, thanks to you guys for reading and listening to what I have to say.

2010 is going to be fun, stick around and take the ride with TWMX and I. You won't be disappointed.