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Krazybone Industries is a lifestyle brand that also gaps four-stroke and two-stroke riders through clothing and accessories. In doing so, we created the four-stroke and two-stroke emblems. Each originated to symbolize 4S or 2S for the awesome power, speed, sound, and portrayal of either engine type. This means that you can support the type of bike, quad, or snowmobile you ride by choosing to represent the four-stroke emblem or the two-stroke emblem. This is what makes us unique from everyone else. For the first time ever, riders can tell this to the world by exposing these two distinct designs. This is why we say “Stay True To Your Crew.

Blake Caldwell established Krazybone Industries in Tooele, Utah during 2005. At that time, Caldwell contacted his good friend Josh Anderson to form a local riding group consisting of mainly Anderson’s skillful riding friends. With a wide variety of freeriders, freestyle riders and racers, the local riding group known as Urban Chaos, will always ride because their love for the sport is never-ending. Urban Chaos relishes living life this way, which does not take the many things life offers. All you primarily need is a place to call home, a bike, quad or snowmobile, a way to pay the bills, and friends to ride with. After that, freedom from life’s stresses comes in the form of dirt, sand, and snow. Now that riding, in our minds, is the best means to breakaway from the hassles in life, we threw the interpretation behind the phrase “Ride Beyond. Krazybone’s lifestyle image will continue to imbed into society today.

Since then, Krazybone Industries has busted down the door entering the world of high competition and drama that goes along with the action sports lifestyle Krazybone supports. With the respect of multiple friendships ranging from professional athletes to high ranking businessmen, including non-riders alike, Krazybone Industries is evolving and hopes to serve many more to come.

Right now, we are working on sponsoring a few Snocross racers. When contracts are signed we will release their names. Be sure to check out our up and coming music artists Kaotic and SEM. Also, never forget to give some love to our beautiful model Britagne K.

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Urban Chaos Riders Include:
Casey Hill
Josh Anderson
Ricky McIntyre
Jake Mitchell
Luke Mitchell
Matt Gonzales
Dustin Davis
Kevin Holmes