Chris Williams Joins Factory Effex

Factory Effex is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Williams to our staff. Chris has been hired to handle three different areas within Factory Effex. He will take over all Export Sales and the customer service for those sales. In addition, he will handle all amateur Rider Sales and will coordinate the Factory Effex Rider Support Program. His duties for Rider Support will extend into the résumé submission and acceptance area as well. Finally, he will also serve as Media Relations. His duties there will range from printed advertising development and company materials to working directly with the press and magazine editors, providing them with press releases, company materials and Factory Effex products.

“Factory Effex is very excited with the addition of Chris Williams, ” said Scott Gilly, Factory Effex (Vice President). “Chris brings with him great knowledge of the Motorcycle industry formerly being employed at Maxxis Tires; Chris will make a great contribution to our sales and marketing department.”

Chris will begin working immediately from his home in Atlanta. He will move to Valencia in Mid-December and can then be reached at our offices. Currently he can be reached via phone at 770.237.3764.