Cobra And Rev! Motorcycles Team Up

Producer of the successful competition minicycle joins forces with upstart off-road motorcycle manufacturer

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, (Nov. 10, 2003) — Officials at Rev! Motorcycles have come to an agreement with Cobra Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc., maker of the world’s fastest 50cc motocross bikes, to purchase the company and bring its products, team and expertise into the Rev! family. The newly formed combination will continue with the legendary Cobra brand name and will be called Cobra Sport, Inc.

Bud Maimone, Cobra founder, marketed the first truly race-ready 50cc motocross bike. “Bud’s contributions to motocross are extraordinary and we are proud to carry on the tradition of Cobra and thrilled that he will continue to be part of the team said Cobra’s new President Sean Hilbert. “Bud created the market for the high performance 50cc motocross bike and his legacy will continue with Cobra through his hands-on involvement with the company.

Rev!, like Cobra, is run by people who are passionate about the motocross community. “Our vision for what Cobra can be is that riders and their parents have access to products and service which is customized for them. This means that Cobra will move to new levels of innovation, customer and dealer service, said Cobra’s Vice President Mike Tinskey.

Bud Maimone, who turns over the reigns of Cobra to Rev!’s Sean Hilbert and his team, says “The Rev! team was chosen because Cobra’s current and future customers need people who care about riders as much as I do. We put together an exhaustive search and were fortunate to find the Rev! team — people who are as passionate about minicycles as I am.

Cobra’s future plans include improving the quality and performance of existing products and expanding product offerings. Cobra also plans to improve the riders’ access to product and service, and will continue to produce and promote the most successful minicycle racing program in the United States.

About Rev! Motorcycles

Rev! Motorcycles is an American start-up manufacturer of made-to-order high-performance motorcycles. Rev!’s rider-oriented plans were designed to bring custom configuration from the factory floor to the customer through the local dealers. Rev! made its debut at the 2001 Indy Trade Show with the introduction of its RVx 250 prototype. Please visit Rev!’s website at

About Cobra Motorcycle Manufacturing

Cobra Motorcycle Manufacturing was founded in the early 1990’s to bring 50cc motocross bikes into a market that was asking for a race-ready product. A leader at the start line and the finish line, Cobra’s current offerings include the PW3-50, CM50, King Cobra 50 and the DC65. Riders on Cobra Motorcycles have consistently won the AMA Amatuer National Championships since inception. Cobra is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio. Please visit Cobra’s website at