Cobra Announces New `Re-Designed¿ CM50

Cobra¿s competition again at a loss as the Undisputed Champ of all mini cycles receives a bevy of improvements for 2004

ANAHEIM, Calif., (March 16, 2004) ¿ Cobra Motorcycles announced today the introduction of its 2004 Cobra CM50 ¿ the most successful high end race mini cycle of all time.

A continuation of the heritage that has won every single AMA National Championship in its class since the bike was first introduced in 1997 ¿ an unprecedented feat in high end mini cycle competition ¿ the ¿04 Cobra CM50 is THE bike by which all other competition mini cycles will again be judged.


¿The CM50 may be a small bike, but when you sit back and look at the amazing record that it has built there is little doubt that it¿s the most dominant competition mini cycle ever,¿ said Sean Hilbert, President of Cobra Motorcycles. ¿For 2004 we¿ve re-designed the bike from the ground up, a feat that goes to show just how serious we are about winning.¿

Highlights of the improvements to the 2004 Cobra CM50 include:

  • Longer Travel Fork Cobra has added a whopping 1.5¿ of travel to the CM50s front fork for 2004 for class-leading performance.
  • Öhlins Rear Shock Complete with piggy-back reservoir, the CM now comes with a shock from the finest suspension company in the world. Improved geometry and longer travel compliment this premium damper. No other bike in this class will be able to touch the CM¿s suspension performance.
  • New Intake System Cobra has created a best-in-class intake system for mini cycles consisting of a new airbox, new air filter and new intake boot. The conical air filter (with more surface area than anything in its class) resides deep in the air box for premium protection against mud and water ingestion. The large volume airbox and engineered air boot also offer improved performance through better breathing.
  • New Exhaust System Cobra designed an all new pipe and silencer for 2004 CM. Better fit, improved power output and a marked reduction of noise are the result.
  • Stronger Frame Improved gusseting will allow the little guys to jump to new heights in 2004.
  • Improved Ergonomics A more sculpted seat profile and improved rider positioning will make the rider feel right at home. In addition, the CM has new handlebars that have been re-designed to better fit smaller arms.
  • New Exhaust Pipe Improved fit, overall performance, and throttle response.
  • Updated Transmission Gears and Bearings Improved power transmission and durability.

¿These are the most improvements we¿ve made on the CM50 since it¿s inception in ¿97,¿ said Bud Maimone, founder of Cobra. ¿Our engineers have worked `round the clock in the R & D department and on the test track. The result is a bike that we strongly feel will again be untouchable in the 4-6 class this year.¿

Cobra Motorcycle Manufacturing was founded in the early 1990¿s to bring 50cc motocross bikes into a market that was asking for a race-ready product. A leader at the start line and the finish line, Cobra¿s current offerings include the PW3-50, CM50, King Cobra 50 and the DC65. Riders on Cobra Motorcycles have consistently won the AMA Amatuer National Championships since inception. Cobra is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio. Please visit Cobra¿s website at