Cobra Conquers High Point Mud

With a huge holeshot and his first big win of the season, David Vuillemin proved to the world that he is back on top this weekend.

The Cobra rocketed to a commanding lead in the first moto at High Point, despite a muddy track that had been rained on for several days before the event. D.V. never looked back, but behind him the action was intense. Kevin Windham and Tim Ferry went at it early in the moto, with Ferry eventually getting the better of Team Suzuki’s K-Dub.

Behind them was a dogfight between Tortelli, LaRocco and Hughes. Where was series favorite Ricky Carmichael? On the ground again! “I’m having troubles with this first moto thing,” joked RC. “I know my speed is up there, which I’m proving in the second motos, but I keep seeming to have bad luck in the first motos.”

RC’s problem this week was an altercation between himself and John Dowd. Carmichael’s spill left him muddy and without a clutch, but a hard charge from 33rd position allowed him to score some points in the moto, where he eventually finsihed 13th.

The second moto at High Point went a little more Ricky’s way, and despite a brief battle between Carmichael and Kevin Windham, the moto was all RC’s. Windham held on for a respectable second place, while Tortelli finished third and Vuillemin snagged fourth, which was good enough for the overall win.

“I feel good again and the day went great, but I don’t think that many people know how bad my injuries have been affecting me this year. People are wondering why my season has been not so good, but my rib and collarbone injuries have been preventing me from training. I am just now starting to feel better, and today I proved that I still have the speed to win,” said Vuillemin.

The 125cc class had its first new winner since the start of the season, as the series crusher Grant Langston had some problems and gave away the win to Travis Pastrana.

Seconds before the gate was set to drop for the first moto, Team KTM was removing the gas tank from Grant’s bike, desparately trying to remedy an electrical problem that had Langston’s bike spuddering and smoking.

When the gate dropped, it was Yamaha of Troy’s Ernesto Fonseca with the holeshot, while Japanese rider Akira Narita surprised everyone by following closely. Both riders eventually overtook Ernie, making for a great race. Akira finally settled for second, though, and Pastrana took his first moto win of the year.

The second moto was similar to the first, as Akira was back in front with a big holeshot. Carburetor problems eventually dropped Narita back, but Pastrana held it down for Suzuki and took the moto and overall win, followed by Mike Brown and Grant Langston. Rodrig Thain rode consistently for third overall, finishing fifth in both races.

TOP FIVE RESULTS AT HIGH POINT, 250cc1. David Vuillemin, 1-42. Kevin Windham, 3-23. Sebastien Tortelli, 4-34. Tim Ferry, 2-55. Ricky Carmichael, 13-1

TOP FIVE RESULTS AT HIGH POINT, 125cc1. Travis Pastrana, 1-12. Mike Brown, 7-23. Rodrig Thain, 5-54. Grant Langston, 10-35. Danny Smith, 4-9