Cobra Proud To Present The New King 50 Minicycle

2004 King 50 model poised to continue the winning heritage in the long line of championship-winning Cobra minicycles

ANAHEIM, Calif., (Jan. 12, 2004) — Officials at Cobra announced today that shipping has begun on the new Cobra King 50 model minicycle, a bike that is poised to uphold the legendary Cobra heritage and continue to put No. 1 plates in the packed trophy case at the Youngstown, Ohio plant — an unmatched run of 9 of 10 National Titles in its class over the last decade.


True to its name, the American-made King 50 will again bet the bike by which all others are measured.

“To say we’re excited about this bike is an understatement,” said Sean Hilbert, President of Cobra. “Bud Maimone and the engineers at Cobra have again crafted a masterpiece of a minicycle, one that we strongly feel will be unstoppable in competition next year, much like all of the King 50s that preceded the ’04 model.”

The ’04 Cobra King 50 has nearly 75 upgrades, including all new forks, a more powerful engine and the industry’s only full-floating rear disc brake. Here’s a look at a few of the new standard upgrades on the bike that all other manufacturers will be chasing (again).

  • 360-degree welded clutch basket
  • New lighter aluminum subframe
  • New cylinder, head and pipe design (providing more power throughout the entire RPM range)
  • New quieter and more powerful silencer
  • Improved front brake line guidance system
  • New front fork with improved dampening, less friction and more strength
  • New à–hlins rear shock (improved damping, more height adjustment)
  • New wider foot pegs
  • Improved transmission (less friction and greater durability)
  • New forged aluminum rear brake pedal

In addition to performance upgrades, Cobra is also announcing an industry first: For 2004, all King 50 motorcycles sold will come with an exclusive Frame and Wheel Warranty. “Simply put, our products will hold up to the rigors of competition, and it’s important that our customers know that,” said Phil McDowell, Cobra’s chief engineer.

Cobra, founded in 1993, produces the most successful line of competition minicycles in the United States with more than 45 national titles in the last decade. Based out of Youngstown, Ohio, Cobra’s mission is to build premium minicycles for the serious racer.

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